I was inspired to write this blog after seeing a Facebook group posting that said: “are there any work online jobs that aren’t scams?“. I had to laugh. When I first started “working online” back in 2012, I to lamented that most of the work from home opportunities I came across were fake, or super sketchy. And, now 6 years into my digital career I have had my fair share of bad experiences and horror stories but somehow I’ve gone from being a “cynic” to a success story.

Now I think it is unfortunate that so many people believe that everyone who makes a living in the online economy is a scammer or part of some evil make money scheme. In fact, once you ingrain yourself in the online entrepreneur community you discover that the majority of people who are really doing it are creating unique, individual businesses that are in not scams and are no less real than any business you could walk down the street and walk into.

Online business – for the most part is just that “a business that exists online”… and the people ( like myself ) who run them, try our best to do so legitimately – with only a few bad eggs ( scammers ) in the basket. So, you may be wondering, as an online entrepreneur – How exactly do I make my income, if I am not part of some mega-scheme/scam? Well if you ask my husband, he’d say “I play on Facebook and the money just rolls in“… This isn’t exactly true, although the majority of our household income currently DOES come from Facebook and my Facebook-based business;

Growth Hack Ads – Growth Hack Ads is a business I created where I provide Facebook Ads help “on demand” for anyone who needs it. I work with other online entrepreneurs as well as small, and mid-sized brick and mortar businesses. The difference between what I do – with Growth Hack Ads – and a Facebook Marketing Agency is that there is no contract or retainer. The client simply messages me, books a time and during their appointment, we hash out the copy, creative, and targeting strategy for their ad. Then, I get it up and running and keep an eye on it for them. I also do Facebook Ad campaign consulting and help people come up with their funnel content. This is currently my main gig, and how I make money online But I also have three other sub-sources.

Instagram Training and my Instagram Mini-course – The stuff that I do with Instagram ( believe it or not ) is actually a fun little side-hustle. I started helping people with their Instagram because I had a lot of people in my online community asking me to after I reached 10K on my personal account! I created my free PDF: 5 Instagram Growth Hacking Techniques that you have not heard before – and then a mini-course about how to grow your email list and capture leads from your Instagram. I also have a virtual classroom that I run teaching more advanced Instagram marketing techniques!

Affiliate Links & Influencer “Stuff” I also get the odd payment here and there from companies that I have signed up to be affiliated with. This is something I just finally started taking seriously and I am surprised by how well it has been going. For the longest time, I resisted putting affiliate links on any of my content because I was skeptical about whether or not I’d get anything back. However, after having my “audience size” grow ( particularly on Instagram ) I decided to give it a shot. So far so good. I recently was approved for a few lucrative affiliate and influencer opportunities so we will see how those pans out.

Consulting Lastly – and this has been something I have done in one capacity or another throughout the majority of my online career is consulting. What I consult on varies depending on what my focus is at the time; currently being social media marketing and Growth Hacking strategies, but I usually can rely on consulting to pad the bank account here and there when the right opportunity comes up. What I mean is every once in a while I encounter someone who sees what I do – and wants me to teach them how to do it also. And so I send them an invoice and we make a plan to meet for one to ones and I teach them all about what I do online. Consulting, on the different things that I do, is something that I enjoy. It allows me to help someone else “skip a level” and get where they need to go faster than just figuring it out themselves.

Me: So that’s how I make money online – if you were wondering…
You: shut up Brandie, nobody asked… If you are reading this and still think that all internet money making opportunities are probably scams I hope I have at the very least inspired you to reconsider.

That said, I actually don’t believe that there is a whole lot of money making opportunities just sitting around on the internet waiting for you to come across them! You make your own opportunities. *wink* *wink* If you want to avoid a scam or being scammed – create something original; a service or a product. That’s my best advice.