My name is Brandie Peters! In 2012 I hacked my life when I started working online selling my services as a content writer for hire.

These days I keep myself occupied helping other aspiring entrepreneurs market themselves using content and social media.

I do this through my pocket business Growth Hack Ads ( where I provide on-demand marketing services like Facebook Ads ) and by creating and marketing digital products like my Instagram Minicourse. I also on occasion work one on one as a visibility coach, training online business owners who are ready to get serious about developing a unique online presence. 



Learn how to capture an unlimited number of leads using Instagram!

In this 2-hour mini-course learn how to optimize your Instagram for leads and sales using a simple non-paid ( organic ) strategy. This course is perfect for anyone who is already spending A LOT of time on Instagram but who is not seeing any returns on their time currency. 


I stumbled into my career as an online entrepreneur. In 2012, I graduated from the Red Deer College, with my degree in Motion Picture Arts Production. My dream was to become a screenwriter and after 5 years of college, I was excited to start pursuing my career.

I won’t go into the details of what happened. #Iwasyoung #freespirit but I found myself pregnant with my first child at 23 ( and engaged to a “dude” that I had only known for four months.

My new “circumstances” put a halt on my plans to become the next Diablo Cody, and Instead, I found myself looking for employment ANY EMPLOYMENT that would allow me to use my medley of creative skills ( I could  write blogs, create WordPress themes, and run social media… ) so that I would be able to earn some money before my baby arrived.

One night, in sorta an act of desperation I googled  “how to make money online…” – I came across a website called Elance ( now Upwork ) and started applying for some freelance scriptwriting jobs using my film school projects as samples. Little did I know that this random action would lead to four years of working remotely full time as a content writer. I was hired shortly after for online writing work by a company that specialized in S.E.O to write Youtube explainer video scripts. At one point they asked me if I “blogged also” and I said yes… I became a contracted SEO copywriter, composing commercial blogs for websites, sales copy, and landing pages.

By 2016 my work had shifted to consulting website content strategies. I also started coaching “by accident”  as after 4 years of selling my copywriting services using social media ( primarily Facebook ) other aspiring online entrepreneurs started asking me if I could teach them how to do it – so I did.

But come 2017, I found myself pregnant for the second time ( this time totally on purpose #iswear ) and gearing up to be a new mom all over again. I decided to take a rest on coaching and consulting on content strategy and focus on growing a small pocket business that was more one-off service based rather than long-term projects. I launched my Facebook Ads ( on-demand ) service Growth Hack Ads and much to my surprise I very quickly had my greatest online business success yet! ( Making my first 10K in just 10 weeks. ) I decided that instead of downsizing the amount of work I was doing online, I would go ALL IN on this little Facebook Ad-venture of mine. Oh, and remember “that dude” who knocked me up back in 2012?  Well, he took parental leave and is now home FULL TIME taking care of the kids so that I can work on my online business! 

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Karina J. Geneser

Fabolous woman- speaking up, sharing the most perfect tricks just like that- for free…I am so grateful for knowing her- shes a gift for small and big ideas to come true- isn’t that amazing with people like that? Thank you- thank you – thank you.

Allie LC Bryan

Brandie has awesome advice and she really knows her stuff. She’s not some fly by the knight chick who took a course and thinks she knows it all. She reaches from real life experience from her years of being online and working with social media.

Jody Aberdeen 

Since Day One, I’ve resonated with Brandie’s marketing approach that strikes an optimal, experience-based balance between being true to yourself and your own integrity with what actually works in the market to attract clients to hire you for your products and services. Those who know me know of my distrust of sales and marketing, as well as bullshit, so you can imagine how good Brandie is as what she does to merit this endorsement.

Dean Hopkins

I really appreciate Brandies Creative New Wave style and her direct no-nonsense approach to marketing. She doesn’t mind spilling the beans on everything and the content strategies, tips and advice she shares for free are some of the best I have come across on the net…..she deserves to have a Rocking client base!!

Christine Forde

I love how much great content Brandie shares so generously in such an easy-to-digest-and-implement way! I’m excited to see how this group continues to expand and offer even more! Thank you, Brandie!

Dave Irons

This lady knows her stuff! Brandie gives straight advice with NO Fillers or Fluff. If you want to know how to get on track, follow her and the group! Engage, engage, rinse and repeat! 


Follow Friday, Post Ideas, Engagement Swarms, Follow Trains and More…

Are you ready to grow your business using Instagram?

Instagram is a powerful marketing tool for any business! I have guides, minicourses and live workshops that will help you learn how to market with this popular social media platform.