I Tried Out Tailwind! First Impressions…

I recently started blogging again here on my brandiepeters.com site. My intention for this blog is mostly to share helpful information and growth hacks for Instagram. I had recently heard about Tailwind in a Facebook group. A lot of bloggers and online business owners were praising the extension ( and mobile app ) for being the ultimate “new thing” in Instagram Growth Hacking. So, since I am after all – a “Growth Hacker” I decided that I would check it out.

Diving into it ( I am writing this on August 26, 2018 ) I realized right away that Tailwind is a very complex operation. It will probably take me multiple blogs to cover everything that I learn about Tailwind and before I am able to give it an official review. So, let’s just call this a “first impressions” blog – and I’ll introduce you to this application from a n00bs viewpoint. Then, – hopefully – if I find it worthwhile, I can write more extensive tutorials and reviews that will teach you a bit more about this supposedly revolutionary app. Since it does come with a nice monthly fee – I jumped right into the pro version and skipped the free trial – I will let you know if Tailwind is

a. worth the investment
b. user-friendly
c. beneficial / my increase in growth and profit

Okay – so let’s get into it:

What is Tailwind, Yo?

According to Tailwind – Tailwind Is…

A time-saving tool – you can upload all of your Instagram + Pinterest content and schedule it for posting. You can also use it to re-post your most popular content, interact on hashtags, and engage with other content – saving you oodles of time.

A reach booster – Tailwind is also designed to help increase the reach of your content by informing you when your audience is most engaged ( analytics for Pinterest and Instagram ) and let you know when to post and engage

A post scheduler – An competitive alternative to apps Hootsuite, Buffer, etc, Tailwind can be used to plan and schedule your Pinterest and Instagram content ( You can also post it to Facebook through the app )

Digital marketing training wheels – Tailwind has plenty of tools and tutorials built right into it teaching NOT just how to use the app/ extension, but why the app but also HOW and WHY it is beneficial for your “big picture” content and social media marketing plan

Affordable content management tool – The price for Tailwind is reasonable $15 per month, per account for any online business owner – at that price point it is perfect for small teams or solopreneurs

Sounds pretty good right?

Okay, so when you read all the plus points and start exploring the app, your initial reaction is probably going to be overwhelming. ( Yeah I felt it )
And then, as you start to get the hang of things; and take the virtual tour, following the tutorial, prompts – “holy shit, where have you been all my life?!!!” ( I felt that also… )

However once you go through the emotions of overwhelm and excitement, you’ll have to at some point bounce back to reality; and ask the question: is this going to help my business OR just be another toy to play with and distract me?

Here’s what I think about Tailwind ( so far )

After mucking around with it for a total of 1.5 days I have decided to stick with it and create ( at the very least ) some tutorial content for this blog on how to use it.
The issue with apps and extensions like this being, YOU REALLY need to commit to trying it out ( and using it properly ) for a period of time before you can really determine if it is going to help your business grow and IF it is a worthwhile time investment.
Therefore, I will be reserving my official review for the near future.

That said my initial first impression, BTW I dove right in and paid for it so I could see all the features right away ( yah, I am super gun-ho like that )

Huge potential!

IF Tailwind effectively does everything that it says it can do I SEE huge potential for this tool to help me grow my Instagram account even further ( currently sitting at 11K followers ) and build my Pinterest presence ( of which I have naughta ) … for the potential I see alone to create content about Tailwind helping people learn about Tailwind, I consider it worthwhile. So yeah, I am happy with my purchase – at least for a month or two.

Another time suck?

Since my mantra for this year has been “stop spending time on shit that doesn’t matter” – whether or not I stick with Tailwind will really be dependent on how it much of a difference it makes in my growth and revenue. Since “playing with it” is going to take some time – I’ll give it a good go and make the call after a six month trial period. BUT I am already worried about the fact that I MAY have just gone down another internet plaything rabbit hole.

Should you get Tailwind?

If you are LIKE ME and want to be on the up and up about all the hot new toys on the market then YES. Get it. >>Get it now.<<

If you can stand to figure it out yourself – and spare the time to “learn it on the fly” then yep – join the club.

However, if you don’t have the time ( and don’t geek out about this stuff, rather it frustrates you ) I would wait until all the final reviews are out.
Tailwind is a nice tool “in theory” but if you aren’t one to jump on a bandwagon, figure it out on the go – and risk potentially being disappointed then hold off a bit.

But DO follow my blog – because I am totally gonna keep you filled in while I figure this puppy out.

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