You Have A Story To Tell!

So by now you’ve probably heard all about content marketing and how you can promote your products and services online using “high value” content…

But what does that even mean?
And where does one come up with this – HIGH VALUE – content?
Do you just pull it out of thin air?

No, I don’t think so – not if you are truly passionate about what you have to offer!

What if I told you that coming up with content to promote your business online doesn’t have to rocket science!?
That all of the great HIGH QUALITY content you need to create and share already exists within you.

After all, chances are you didn’t just wake up one day and decide to turn your passion into a business.

I bet… that there is an amazing story behind your business and I want to work together with you to discover it!

How does it work?

Story discovery sessions are done as an intensive 4-hour interview process.

Hour 1

Let’s talk about your business, what it is and why you launched it.

Hour 2 -3

I want you to tell me how you got from point A to point B and grab all of the details from you!
During this interview process, we will focus on where the “passion points” and important lessons exist in your personal story. We will also talk about how to turn each of these into both long and short form content pieces for your marketing.

Hour 4

Content planning

Let’s go over the basics of turning your story into content pieces. We will work through my signature content planning template together so that you can see how your story can easily become interesting and unique content ideas. As well as how to create micro-content to be shared on your social media

By the end of the 4 hour session you will walk away with an outline of your own business story, a content plan that will allow you to create long and short-form content for months into the future and a greater understanding of how YOUR STORY can help you connect with your ideal customer and sell your passion service or product.

Also covered:

Basics of content marketing
Basics of SEO
Social Media content networking fundamentals


15-minute pre-session call ( on the house ) 

1-hour assessment and session planning with feedback notes
4  hour one on one intensive

+ Zoom recording of the session for you to download

15 minute follow up call! To check in on your progress!

Terms and Conditions

Your story discovery session will be booked in priority order to when payment is received and confirmed. Within 10  days of booking or a refund will be made available to you. On-site payment through PayPal is available. To make other payment arrangements please contact me directly for e-transfer.

Completed sessions are non-refundable. Missed appointments are also non-refundable. You will receive a Zoom recording ( for download ) of your session as well as your session plan and assessment notes it is your responsibility to keep these materials.


10 + 7 =