Have you ever thought about buying followers for your Instagram account? Be honest now…

One of the first things I emphasize to the people who I work with on Instagram is that what we are doing is growing the account with the main goal is to attract your “ideal” target demographic audience to the profile.  The eventual results will be an appropriate “Demographic” audience, meaning that we are targeting people based on their interests to build your account up with people who are likely to be interested in what you do/sell.

For those of you building your Instagram account up on your own, you want to take a quality over quantity approach to follower/audience growth. You are WAY WAY WAY better off growing a slow steady pace than you are jacking your account up with “purchased” followers if the end goal is to increase your business revenue ( OR ) eventually be eligible for influencer opportunities ( paid advertising / sponsored posts ) – having even small amounts of paid followers on your account are going to mess you up in the long run. AND what may feel like a harmless ‘cheat” – may take you further from your goals with Instagram than you initially may think.

As some of the negative consequence of having “bought” accounts populating your profile are:

❌ foreign language accounts or “bought” follows don’t engage with your posts
❌ they also do not buy from you… EVER
❌ if you do apply for influencer opportunities a report called a “hype-audit” can identify if you have a large number of inauthentic followers on your account
❌ any possible audience member who is skeptical can look at your following and see the “foreign” accounts, they’ll likely discredit you.
❌ you won’t have the ability to build a real relationship with your audience! You’ll be talking to nobody ( may as well not bother working hard on your content)
❌ you are f.u.c.k.e.d with the algorithm as the algorithm recommend and shows posts to ppl based on their interests and the demographics of your account.

PLUS if you 10K”fake” 1000 “real” your fake your real ratio is gonna be messing you up as your posts are only shown organically to 10% of your audience. (( reach increases when ppl engage )) with reach being impacted more by the interest level of your audience NOT the size of it.

ALSO ( IMO ) think it is usually grossly obvious when ppl have purchased large numbers on IG… As they gave high followers and low engagement …

Now I can understand a certain circumstance where people BUY IG followers – and that’s usually to “pad” their audience size when launching a new business or seeking influencer opportunities.

For business launch though, this is only gonna work if you never intend to run ads to your Instagram audience “people who follow you on Instagram” – because you’d be spending money to send your ads to your fake audience. #yikes.

and in the case of Instagram influencer deals, I REALLY advise against it because there are reports that can run that will identify the # of people in the audience with our authentic, and if you have FAKE followers – you’ll be costing your self those opportunities.

Buying your following is 100% only going to make it more likely that you waste your time on Instagram ( in many cases, you are better off not doing it at all ) or make it more difficult for you to achieve your goals because you’ve put a hurdle in your way,

Sure, high follower counts do feel attractive – and we cannot deny the lure of having “high social media street cred” – however, from the perspective of strategic, long-term results-focused marketing; it is not the way!

Is there a way to tell if an account has fake / purchased followers?

The best way to gauge if an Instagram account following is authentic is to use a tool called “hypeauditor” you can get a free hypeaudit on your account or ANY account you want to check for authenticity by clicking here.
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