Do you want to increase your Facebook street cred?

I am a

content marketing strategist, social media enthusiast, and occasional coach.

In 2012, I hacked my life when I started making money selling my services as a content writer & strategist.

Now, nearly 6 years later I am happily self-employed online helping other passionate people hack their own lives and turn their passion into a thriving online business.

I’ve recently started a new journey as a visibility coach, teaching other passionate entrepreneurs how to promote their services and products online using a connective marketing strategy!

You have done something amazing! Turned your unique passion into a way to make money online.

But, you are still feeling a little bit lost about how to market your passion business without coming across too “selly”…

I work for you as a consultant looking at what you have created and providing you a creative strategy to promote your business online.

You have a unique passion that you want to turn into an online business!

But you aren’t sure how to go about doing it or where to even begin…

Hire me to work with you one on one as your coach. I’ll teach you how to use social media and content to connect with the right people, who will love what you have to offer!

You get that social media and content marketing is the best way to promote your passion business on the web.


You need a bit of help getting your content put together.
Hire me to help you write your copy, produce your videos and put together an amazing website that you can officially set up virtual shop.


I am currently booking one on one coaching sessions with passion-led entrepreneurs who want to learn more about promoting their services online using content and social media.

$195/2 HOURS


This is my signature coaching & consulting service!

Business story discovery.
Let’s work together to figure out what your business story is and how we are going to share it with the world!

5 Hours $900

Why have I decided to start a blog in the first place? And what can blogging do to help increase your visibility when promoting your passion business online?

What does the future hold for me? I share my goals and hopes for myself and my business after working online for nearly 6 years!

Want to know what I am all about? This is a pretty standard, get to know my blog post that includes a few of the important things that I have learned on my entrepreneur journey.

Guess What YOU GUYS!


I Just Created My First  Digital Product!


Learn how to FINALLY properly promote your  Facebook Page and increase your likes.
Created for any frustrated small business owner, online entrepreneur or content creator who is still struggling to get a handle on this whole Facebook Page thing. I shared my BEST HACKS to grow your page to 1000 Likes and beyond – with a strategy that you can use on as many Facebook pages as you want. 

~ Coming Soon ~


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