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Hey guys welcome back! So I guess it is time ( long overdue time ) to update the about section of this blog / website – and update you all on what I have been working on.

Let us begin with a question: What is a Brandie Peters?

Well, professionally ( meaning, how I make my money and support my self ) I am a social media marketing consultant – currently I am focusing all of my energy on Instagram and establishing my self as an Instagram expert, after growing my own Instagram following to 13K in under a year.

Lifewise, I would call my self an entrepreneur, I have been working on building online micro-businesses selling my self as a “service” online for over 6 years now. My Facebook Ads business www.growthhackads.com is my most successful venture. I am now happy to say it is 100% self sustaining so I don’t need to babysit it and can focus my energy on other projects that better serve my interests. For those who are curious, Growthhackads.com is a Facebook Ads “on demand” service that connects small/ mid-sized and new business owners with expert Facebook Ad help. My other current entrepreneurial venture is this Brandie Growth Hacker Peters personal brand – where I suppose I am some sort of “public figure” / “influencer” ( *gag* ) and what I do primarily; is help awesome people learn how to market and sell their services using content and social media; primarily micro-funnels utilizing Instagram…stay with me:

To put it briefly: I am a consultant / coach – who works with a select group of elite super-humans, who want to use Instagram as a vessel to obtain power and take over the world. ( Too much of an over sell.. maybe… maybe… ) [ click here to apply to work with me ]

And if those last two paragraphs did not bore you to death or scare you away- other components of the “Brandie Peters” concoction would be; a mother *( two kids 6 years old and 9 month ages subject to change on short notice ), 1 part wifey badger, also fluffy-husky owner ( Yes, yes she does shed a lot, thanks for asking ) (( Why do entrepreneurs always mention their pets in their bios, I guess it makes us more #relatable #keepingitreal whatever; )) one part; proud owner of the standard rights-of-passage 20-something regretful tatoos ie: an ex-boyfriends initials ( yah she did ), 1 – full back piece, and a Pokemon ball tattoo on my left foot. AND yes; I am also into the important millennial cliche’ things personal development, achieving that coveted “freedom lifestyle”, passive income and new-agey spiritualism.

I am also particularly passionate about random internet fodder and memes’ – lots of memes. Memes for days please. Did you say you’ve gots memes for me?

My mental health superpowers include: overthinking everything ( so yah, I did overthink the content of this bio and re-compose it multiple times questioning whether or not my too muchness, is really much too muchness- how’d I do? ) – and managing my crippling social anxiety just enough; to moonlight as an attention whore on the internet. I’d tell you more about my many plights; but I am saving those for my inevitable TedX talk.

You can follow up with my shameless try-hard self in the following places:

www.instagram.com/brandiepeters_/ ( primary account )
www.instagram.com/brandiesauce/ (secondary account, weight loss niche’ )
www.facebook.com/brandiemichellepeters/ ( friend me )
www.facebook.com/brandiest/ ( follow me )
www.twitter.com/brandiepeters_/ ( i don’t post much forgive me I am a recovering twitter addict )
www.brandiepeters.com/social-media-marketing-consultant/ ( work with me )

If you would like to Learn From Me ( Yah you do ) feel free to enjoy any of the following resources.

Instagram Growth Hack Guide ( 5 Instagram Growth HackinG Strategies That You Have Not Heard Before )

Instagram 5 Day Marketing Strategy Challenge ( Get your Sh!t in order to capture leads on Instagram )

Hang Out? Join My Facebook Group: Sweatpants Society: Working From Home and Getting Sh!t Done

I hope you enjoyed your time at shameless self-elevating Linkstock 2000, please come again next year.
Sincerely, Brandie Peters

Have something you want to say to me after reading this brilliant composition of word garble?

You can contact me here.

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Find Your Tribe On Tailwind

Tailwind Tribes! >> Try it for Free 

Okay, so I just wanted to post a quick update about Tailwind – as I announced that I was trying it out and in the process of writing an in-depth review of the app.
One feature on Tailwind that I am already just SO EXCITED about is the “Tribes” feature…
And it turns out that ANYONE can use this feature even if they have not yet signed up for Tailwind! 

So why is “Tribes” such an awesome feature in this app?
Two words; engagement pods.

What is an engagement pod you ask?

Well if you have never heard of engagement pods before ( come on seriously? ) – they are an online community or group; usually hosted in Facebook Groups where everyone shares content and interacts on each other’s content in a mutual exchange of traffic and for a bump in engagement numbers ( and reach )…
The reason why engagement pods are so popular is that when you participate in them your posts on social media or if you are a blogger, on your blog – get a bump in interaction on the day that you share the link in your pod. AND because all of the platforms have algorithms that determine who gets reach and visibility ( and the algorithm tends to favor posts with a lot of traffic and interaction ) you are able to use the traffic earned from participating in your pod community, to get an increase in organic reach on the content that you post.

Should you be participating in pods?

Pods or engagement swarms ( in my opinion ) are re,ly beneficial IF

a.) You have great content. Increasing reach on lousy content is just a waste of time. Because even if you increase the visibility to get new real traffic on the content – people will just bounce off NOT GOOD. So, first, you need to have share-worthy content.

b.) You have a business model that allows you to profit from this activity- this means that you either have your affiliate links in order OR a funnel in place to capture the traffic and turn people who engage with you, into potential customers –

c.) If you have the time to spare! – partaking in engagement swarms and pods can be quite time-consuming – if you don’t have the time to be an engaged member of that type of community or effort THEN you are better off not committing yourself

THAT SAID, if your ducks are in a row – you have content that you are proud of, a funnel or affiliate links in order, AND you have the time to spare.. then YES – yes you should be participating in these pods because IF you have enough people participating in this activity can give you an awesome leg up.

This is especially a good idea IF you do not have a budget for paid advertising for your business, but you do have content to share. As this is one technique that anyone can use to increase their organic visibility reach on sales funnels, blogs, videos and social media posts. ( Works for all )

Why are TRIBES by Tailwind so exciting???

Okay – so now that you know what an engagement pod is – I have to tell you a hard FRANK truth if you want to be part of one. Very often these things are disorganized clusterfucks. And unless the person in charge of it is extremely consistent and organized they can very quickly become a mess and fall apart. As someone who has tried to launch engagement pods of my own AND who has been in many ( that have died over time ) myself – this is the truth. And… in my many daydreams, I have hoped that somebody tech savvy would come up with an application that served as a solution.

Enter Tribes by Tailwind.

This is freak’n AMAZING. So Tailwind has a feature built into called “Tribes” within tribes a person can join communities ( that suite their niche ) and post links to their content ( to be engaged with and pinned ) – and then EASILY reciprocate within their tribe community by pinning and engaging on other members posts. FINALLY, engagement sharing is made easy.

PLUS this isn’t just a great way to get your content out there.
If you are looking to build your own following and connect with more people it is also a FANTASTIC way to serve your audience –
Honestly – if that doesn’t sound wonderful enough, you can also USE THIS FEATURE FREE without having to sign up for Tailwind – I know, I am salivating.

Okay – so if you are hearing about this for the first time and you have some content that you want to boost – and some time to spend; then >> click here << and give it a FREE trial.

This is something I KNOW I will be using to boost my Instagram content – and as I play with it, I will write up some more tutorials and reviews so that everyone can benefit!

I have started my own Tribe on Tailwind click the link below to request to become a member of my Tailwind Tribe! 

Editing Your Instagram Photos With Fotor

Fotor A MOBILE and In-browser Photo Editing Application Possible Alternative to Canva?

I often get asked about alternative options to Canva…
My first recommendation is to get the Adobe Suite that includes Photoshop and the unlocked ad-free version of Photoshop Express … 
I cannot help myself, I am Adobe girl through and through –

However, I can appreciate that NOT EVERYONE is going to feel the same way – ( OR ) wish to install an extension application onto their computer that is going to cost them $21 for occasional photo-editing.
Therefore, I am always on the lookout for alternative options for photo editing for Instagram that are easy to use, inexpensive, and have enough unique options so that you can make your images look branded and one of a kind.

The one photo editing option that MOST people already know about is Canva. I have a few issues with Canva; but this isn’t the place where I am going to air them.

Instead, I would like to introduce a new-ish photo editing application option Fotor.

Fotor came to my attention whilst I was looking for some different photo editors to recommend to go along with my freebie: 102 Royalty Free Images for Your Instagram.

I started to play around with it to see what I thought of it ( keeping it in mind as an alternative to Canva ) and I was surprisingly happy with how seamless it was and how well it worked.

After my first initial “try out” I wanted to see what the PRO features were like. So, I took advantage of Foto’s Invite a friend program and “invited” a few people to get access to the unlocked version for a few days.

Here are some of my thoughts!

– Can be accessed anywhere via mobile or desktop!
– Connects to your social media you can load images to / or from Instagram, Facebook etc.
– Mac or PC friendly / also Android or iOS
– ‘Fotor for Messenger’ unique feature for integration with Facebook Messenger ( so cool! )
– Community aspect with Foto, Foto competitions for Photographers ( a nice touch/incentive to use it )
– “One-tap” photo enhancer automatically improves quality issues with any images…
– Compatibility with RAW image files

What Else?

Okay, so I made a few images with Fotor to see how it functioned. Here is what I ended up with. ( Less than 3 minutes spent on each )

and here are a few more thoughts:

– SUPER EASY… you need ZERO design experience to use this, my kid could do it

– Good for basic graphics creation; flyers, blog titles, Pinterest posts, social media ads etc.

– Good for image fixing, remove red-eye, blemishes

– Advanced photo manipulating “photo-shopping” … you can make yourself skinnier, add make-up etc.

– Stickers, frames, and fonts – nice variety

– Not limited in options – millions to choose from

– Saving and downloading images is fast and easy

– The speed of editing GREAT – seamless really ( no waiting to load )

Honestly, I was surprised by how it was to use and I can see tons of potential in this for anyone who needs to make graphics or edit photos for any reason. I am happy with how the images I made turned out, and I am even MORE satisfied with the fact it required like ZERO effort to figure this application out having never used it before.

In my opinion, this mobile image editor is not an alternative to Canva, but is in fact SUPERIOR to Canva, even though it is just brand new and some features are still in development. If you are looking for a way to edit your photos without having photoshop I would recommend the paid version ( $3.99 per month ) of Fotor. 

Fotor has everything an Instagrammer needs to create great images to post on their feed. Not sure? Give it a test run yourself.

Oh, and feel free to use some of these Royalty Free Stock Images for Instagram.

Using Tailwind to Boost My Blog

I Tried Out Tailwind! First Impressions…

I recently started blogging again here on my brandiepeters.com site. My intention for this blog is mostly to share helpful information and growth hacks for Instagram. I had recently heard about Tailwind in a Facebook group. A lot of bloggers and online business owners were praising the extension ( and mobile app ) for being the ultimate “new thing” in Instagram Growth Hacking. So, since I am after all – a “Growth Hacker” I decided that I would check it out.

Diving into it ( I am writing this on August 26, 2018 ) I realized right away that Tailwind is a very complex operation. It will probably take me multiple blogs to cover everything that I learn about Tailwind and before I am able to give it an official review. So, let’s just call this a “first impressions” blog – and I’ll introduce you to this application from a n00bs viewpoint. Then, – hopefully – if I find it worthwhile, I can write more extensive tutorials and reviews that will teach you a bit more about this supposedly revolutionary app. Since it does come with a nice monthly fee – I jumped right into the pro version and skipped the free trial – I will let you know if Tailwind is

a. worth the investment
b. user-friendly
c. beneficial / my increase in growth and profit

Okay – so let’s get into it:

What is Tailwind, Yo?

According to Tailwind – Tailwind Is…

A time-saving tool – you can upload all of your Instagram + Pinterest content and schedule it for posting. You can also use it to re-post your most popular content, interact on hashtags, and engage with other content – saving you oodles of time.

A reach booster – Tailwind is also designed to help increase the reach of your content by informing you when your audience is most engaged ( analytics for Pinterest and Instagram ) and let you know when to post and engage

A post scheduler – An competitive alternative to apps Hootsuite, Buffer, etc, Tailwind can be used to plan and schedule your Pinterest and Instagram content ( You can also post it to Facebook through the app )

Digital marketing training wheels – Tailwind has plenty of tools and tutorials built right into it teaching NOT just how to use the app/ extension, but why the app but also HOW and WHY it is beneficial for your “big picture” content and social media marketing plan

Affordable content management tool – The price for Tailwind is reasonable $15 per month, per account for any online business owner – at that price point it is perfect for small teams or solopreneurs

Sounds pretty good right?

Okay, so when you read all the plus points and start exploring the app, your initial reaction is probably going to be overwhelming. ( Yeah I felt it )
And then, as you start to get the hang of things; and take the virtual tour, following the tutorial, prompts – “holy shit, where have you been all my life?!!!” ( I felt that also… )

However once you go through the emotions of overwhelm and excitement, you’ll have to at some point bounce back to reality; and ask the question: is this going to help my business OR just be another toy to play with and distract me?

Here’s what I think about Tailwind ( so far )

After mucking around with it for a total of 1.5 days I have decided to stick with it and create ( at the very least ) some tutorial content for this blog on how to use it.
The issue with apps and extensions like this being, YOU REALLY need to commit to trying it out ( and using it properly ) for a period of time before you can really determine if it is going to help your business grow and IF it is a worthwhile time investment.
Therefore, I will be reserving my official review for the near future.

That said my initial first impression, BTW I dove right in and paid for it so I could see all the features right away ( yah, I am super gun-ho like that )

Huge potential!

IF Tailwind effectively does everything that it says it can do I SEE huge potential for this tool to help me grow my Instagram account even further ( currently sitting at 11K followers ) and build my Pinterest presence ( of which I have naughta ) … for the potential I see alone to create content about Tailwind helping people learn about Tailwind, I consider it worthwhile. So yeah, I am happy with my purchase – at least for a month or two.

Another time suck?

Since my mantra for this year has been “stop spending time on shit that doesn’t matter” – whether or not I stick with Tailwind will really be dependent on how it much of a difference it makes in my growth and revenue. Since “playing with it” is going to take some time – I’ll give it a good go and make the call after a six month trial period. BUT I am already worried about the fact that I MAY have just gone down another internet plaything rabbit hole.

Should you get Tailwind?

If you are LIKE ME and want to be on the up and up about all the hot new toys on the market then YES. Get it. >>Get it now.<<

If you can stand to figure it out yourself – and spare the time to “learn it on the fly” then yep – join the club.

However, if you don’t have the time ( and don’t geek out about this stuff, rather it frustrates you ) I would wait until all the final reviews are out.
Tailwind is a nice tool “in theory” but if you aren’t one to jump on a bandwagon, figure it out on the go – and risk potentially being disappointed then hold off a bit.

But DO follow my blog – because I am totally gonna keep you filled in while I figure this puppy out.

Tailwind Includes a Feature called “Tribes” – Finally An EASY WAY  TO Increase your organic traffic on your blogs and social media

>> Learn more <<

Get $5 From Ebates Using Your Instagram

Get $5 From Ebates Using Your Instagram

Make $5 In Cash To Spend Just By Sharing Ebates On Your Instagram

Okay, so if you enjoyed my last two posts about: How to get free food using Instagram and How to make $5 using Instagram and The Honey Browser Extension then you are going to LOVE this little trick that will again pay you $5 just for sharing a link.

Imagine that! $5 bucks FREE while you play on Instagram, which is something you were doing all the time anyways…

This time around the website that pays you is called Ebates. Ebates is one that I have been using for years not knowing that I could be getting to talk about it on my social media.

What is Ebates? Well, it is a website that provides you with exclusive deals on items that you can buy online. Ebates is affiliated with the most popular online stores: Amazon, Clearly, Expedia, and Groupon.
Love to shop for clothes online? Ebates provides small percentages off online stores like; Garage, Joe Fresh, Toms, American Eagle… etc.
Seriously, MOST stores have deals listed on Ebates. And when you make purchases through Ebates, you also get up to 10% cashback. So, you save money and you make back the money.

However, the real payback is in getting other people to sign up and start using Ebates. Ebates pays you $5 per referral. However, you only get the $5 bucks when they make their first purchase…

A minor downside really, because once your friend is signed up with Ebates, the chances of them eventually making a purchase through the website ( because so many popular stores are listed ) is highly likely.
And – they also have the same Cashback advantages that you do.

Again – the way that you match this up with your Instagram is pretty simple.

1. Sign up for Ebates
2. Grab your “refer a friend” URL
3. Plop that baby up into your Instagram website URL 
4. Write a fun bio like “Want to make 10% cashback when you shop online? Duh, who doesn’t?”

Proceed to post on Instagram as you normally would.
Always remind people about the link in the bio of your profile in your post captions.
Voila, save your friends money on the stuff they like to buy.
Make $5 when they start shopping with Ebates.

It is too easy not to do!
And honestly, this one works for any type of Instagrammer because you can also match it to your profile niche. Examples:

 >> Find out how I make cashback on make-up!
( Make-up Theme Instagram )

 >> Save money on travel!!!
( Travel Theme Instagram )

>> How I save money on clothes!
( Fashion Instagram )

>>> Get discounts on your electronics!
( Gaming + Tech Instagram )

Ebates can work for ANY Instagram niche –
And they have an easy to use mobile shopping app!
And everyone who signs up for it immediately benefits!
Ebates is great.

Again, this is just one more example of how you can put your Instagram to work, even if you don’t have that many followers! ( yet )

I highly recommend doing this IF you are already spending a lot of time on your Instagram and if you like FREE money and saving money when you shop online.

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Make $5 Unlimited Times With Your Instagram and Honey Extension

Make $5 Unlimited Times With Your Instagram and Honey Extension

Do You Like Free Money? Who Doesn’t?

First things first if you aren’t already using the Honey Chrome extension to save money when you shop online you are cray-cray. I started using this Chrome extension when it started being recommended by all of my favorite YouTubers about a year ago, and I love it so much! So here is what Honey does.

Honey is a FREE browser extension that searches the web for promo codes before you check out in order to save you money on your purchases.
Seriously. If you aren’t using it, you are quite literally paying more than you have to for the majority of your online purchases.
And if you are like me ( before I installed Honey ) you already Google promo codes to save money when you are shopping online.
This application basically does that for you.
So you get to be lazy.
And still get a great deal.

If you don’t read any further, just do one thing for me.
Install Honey RIGHT MEOW! Like seriously. Click here and add it to your Google Chrome Browser.
Not using Google Chrome. Get it here. Then get honey. And start using it when you shop.

Alright –
Now, if you read my How to Get Free Food Using Instagram blog post then you probably know what is coming up next.
Right now – I am going to tell you how to get FREE MONEY using Honey. Oh, my, freak’n god!

So now this saint of an app is not just saving you money – it is giving you money.
Here is what you do.

Step 1: Sign up for and Install Honey.
Step 2: Get your refer a friend code.
Step 3: Paste your refer a friend code to your Instagram profile website URL.
Step 4: Write something like this as your Instagram bio “Save money when you shop with Honey! Click below for a FREE browser extension”
Step 5: Wait, because your friends need to Install Honey and then use it for the first time then YOU get $5.

And you can do this unlimited times.
And like with my FREE food hack, you can drive traffic to the link by posting … like normal on your personal Instagram and just including “Want to save money when you shop online? Check out the link in my profile” in the captions of all of your posts.
Plus if you want to be especially hardcore, whenever someone “follows you” give ’em the referral link in a DM, say something like “Hey thanks for following me, here’s an amazing money saving app for you!”

Seriously, the payback is especially worth it, IF you are using Instagram a lot already AND you don’t have anything else to promote.
As your following grows so will the amount of payback you get from Honey. Easiest $5 dollars you will ever make.

Again – this is a great example of an easy way to get started monetizing your efforts on Instagram. And if your long-term goal is to become influential on Instagram then THIS is something you are going to want to take advantage of!

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How To Use Your Instagram To Get Free Food

How To Use Your Instagram To Get Free Food

You can use your Instagram to get FREE food from your favorite restaurant!

Are you an avid Instagrammer? If you use Instagram a lot for fun and don’t really have a purpose or reason for using it besides connecting with your friends then this is something that you totally need to try out.
Anyone can get free food credits from Skip The Dishes using their Instagram account ( no you don’t even need to have a large following ).

Today, I am going to show you a step by step tutorial that will allow you to wrack in the referral credits so that you never have to pay for your delivered meals again…

Getting started!

Okay, so before you can start collecting free food credits from Skip The Dishes you are going to need to set up an account. You can do this online or download the mobile app. Anyone can do this but in order to actually use the credits that you earn Skip, The Dishes will have to be available in your city. ( obviously )

Once you have your account set up you want to click on the “invite friends” option – and grab your unique URL. This is the URL you are going to want to share on Instagram.

Now, I know what you are thinking >> live URLs don’t work on Instagram so how will I share this link with my friends?? << hold on. They do work – they work in two places.

Your main bio link…
You personal DM images…

Okay moving on

Setting up your Instagram account

So, if you just want to do this casually and are just playing around this is the only step you really need to do.

Add your Skip The Dishes unique URL to your bio as your website URL.
Instead of a bio write something like this: “Dinner is on me! Get $7 Free Credit for Skip The Dishes” 

Now, most people aren’t going to know the link is there.
So, when you post on Instagram ( like normal ) just say “check out my link in profile for $7 free credit for skip the dishes”
Whenever someone goes to your profile and clicks the link, you will get $7 in credit for Skip The Dishes and so will they!
Ta-da now you are wracking in the free Skip The Dishes credits – AND you’ve mastered beginner level affiliate marketing 101. Good job.

Now if you REALLY love getting free food from Skip The Dishes and you want to take this bawl’n trick next level – here is what you do

Hang out on Instagram again, like you normally would
And, when someone follows you – send them a DM “Thanks for following me, here have $7 for Skip The Dishes On Me!”
Drop your refer a friend link!
If they click the link and download the app to get the credit so will they!
Nobody is going to complain about that.

Is there a limitation on how often you can do this?

So, I have been doing this to get Free Food from Skip The Dishes for a little while now…

So far they have not cut me off, and I only get about 3 “take ups” on my referral link a month safely, but if you choose to do this then you may want to be wary of these terms:

  1. The Referral Code may only be used for personal and non-commercial purposes. You may share your code with your personal connections via social media, email, or word of mouth, where you are the primary content owner. In cases where you are not the primary owner of the content or website (e.g., Wikipedia, coupon websites, affiliate websites, discussion forums, etc.), public distribution is not allowed. Promoting or advertising your Referral Code via search engine marketing or any other paid advertising media (e.g., Bing/Yahoo/Adwords) is not allowed. You are not allowed to misrepresent your relationship with any members of the Skip Group or with the Skip Services to any third parties, and you will not make any warranty or representation on behalf of any members of the Skip Group. You are not allowed to refer yourself or members of your household for the purposes of earning Referral Credit.

For this reason, I would be careful about HOW MUCH you are doing this – and probably would avoid doing this IF you have transformed your Instagram account over to an Instagram business account.

While I am writing this, I am kinda curious if Skip The Dishes will come after me for disclosing this in a blog?

Ah well, we shall see …

You are Now An Influence Marketer, How Fun!

At the end of the day, the reason why I wanted to share this little How-To Get Free Food with you guys is that I wanted to demonstrate how easy it is to benefit from your Instagram even if you are an absolute n00b. If you enjoy Instagram and are actively in the process of building your account then YOU CAN use opportunities and referral links like this to make it even more fun for yourself and get FREE stuff using your Instagram account.

If you do Instagram anyways, this is a great way to get familiarized to affiliate and influencer marketing if this is something you are hoping to do with your Instagram in the future.

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Photoshop Express A Free Tool For Editing Your Instagram Photos

Photoshop Express A Free Tool For Editing Your Instagram Photos

There are plenty of awesome free apps that you can use to edit your Instagram photos. My favorite HANDS DOWN is Photoshop Express. I have been an Adobe Photoshop fangirl for years. I purchased my first iMac when I was in the ninth grade and immediately installed a bootleg copy of Photoshop on it. These days I am a good girl and I pay for my Adobe Suite license. However, when it comes to editing my photos for Instagram ( on my phone ) my number one choice of application is still Photoshop.

Today I thought I would share some of the features of Photoshop’s mobile app: Photoshop Express. The download is FREE with limited access to certain features.
If you do happen to have an Adobe Suite account, you get access to the paid features as well just by signing into your Adobe account.

Why I like it…

In comparison to other free photo editing mobile applications for Instagram, this one is the most intuitive and easy to use. It also gives you the most options ( in my opinion ) for making adjustments to the image.

Where it falls short…

The only flaw, because nothing is perfect is the fact that some of the filters “I feel” look a bit over the top. You can, of course, make adjustments to how much of the filter is applied so that’s good. But as someone who usually goes the route of “less is more” for filter editing, I usually adjust my filters to be applied very slightly.

Why you will love it!

No Ads! This is the MAIN REASON why I like this application over the other free mobile app options for photo editing. The only advertising you will find within the app is advertising for other Adobe products. No unpredictable or obnoxious ads. It also doesn’t prompt you to upgrade to the paid version very often. Where I find the other free options for photo-editing can be a bit aggressive about, almost to the point of annoyance.


My review of this app is that overall – in my personal opinion – it is the best option for editing your images for Instagram. Adobe Photoshop is known for being used by professional photographers ( and all of the top Instagrammers use it.) The mobile version although compact in comparison to a desktop version of Photoshop gets the job done in a pinch. It is rare I have to pull my photos over to my main desktop computer before I post them on my Instagram account.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a FREE photo editor to add some text to your images, make adjustments to pictures and for more filters and options than what is included with Instagram, I recommend that you stick with old faithful! After all, Photoshop has been the top choice for professionals for decades and Adobe is on top of things when it comes to photo editing tech.

>>> Get Adobe Photoshop Express [ FREE ] <<<

Find Out How Influential Your Instagram Account Is

Find Out How Influential Your Instagram Account Is

How To Find Out If You Have Reached Influencer Status On Instagram…

Have you been working hard to build your Instagram following? Do you ever wonder if your account is “influential” enough to get sponsored a post or get approved for affiliate marketing opportunities?
I recently came across a website called HypeAuditor and I decided to try it out and run a report on my own Instagram. In today’s blog, I am going to talk a bit about Hypeauditor, how it works, and if you should trust it.

What is HypeAuditor all about?

Okay, so HypeAuditor claims to be the answer to the question on everyone’s mind, how REAL is this Instagrammer’s following? … Admit it, you’ve at some point looked at somebody’s Instagram accounts and been skeptical of whether or not their following is “legit”?

If you are an avid Instagrammer, then you yourself may also be wondering; how many of these people who follow are “real”?

HypeAuditor provides you with a response to both these questions as you can run reports on ANY Instagram account that you want, not just your own.

Because of this HypeAuditor is also a tool that business owners who are looking for influencers to promote their products can use to determine the potential influencers legitimacy…

It is an in-browser application that provides a report determining the quality, reach and authenticity of any Instagram account.

What is in the report?

Alright, so if you run an Instagram Hype Audit ( you can get a FREE ONE by clicking here ) you’ll get the following Information:

1.) Your global Influencer ranking ( over all of Instagram according to HypeAuditor )
2.) Your national influencer ranking ( over your country of origin )
3.) Your ranking “by category” – this is based on the assumed niche of your Instagram account again, according to HypeAuditor
4.) An estimate of how many of your followers are “real” or active Instagram accounts ran by real human persons
5.) An average of “authentic engagement” – this is supposedly how much “real” engagement on average each of your posts
6.) An audience quality score – this is an overall ranking of your audience quality
7.) A breakdown of who your followers are and where they are from – with the language being a factor in determining audience quality
8.) Your “reach” – the average amount of people who see your per post
9.) Follower quality percentage – the percentage of your following that is engaged by your content
10.) Your average number of comments + your average number of likes…
11.) Other stuff like Niche percentages, advertising / sponsored post performances, brand tagging

How accurate is this report…really?

My honest review of HypeAuditor is that it is pretty accurate, actually.

In fact, based on my own assessment of my personal Instagram and the numbers that I have seen and the engagement I experience on my account I would say that it is reasonably reliable. Plus if you have your Instagram Account switched over to a business account and look at the reach and engagement rate directly from Instagram, it matches up – great to see.

However, there are two small issues with HypeAuditor:

The global influencer ranking and your national influencer where you rank worldwide or nationally is based only on who has submitted their account to be accessed by HypeAuditor.

Also some data that is included in the report, such as your niche percentages  ( I would be curious to know what they said other people’s niches was; mine came in as Beauty & Fashion, Business, Restaurants, Food & Grocery ) there is no information on HOW these conclusions are drawn, but I would assume it is based on your hashtags and keywords on your profile – again, not sure of the accuracy.

Everything else seems pretty legit and if you are trusting HypeAuditors assessment of your account what I would be MOST concerned with is …

– The number of real followers
– The number of active followers
– Rate of engagement
– Reach per post
– Comments and responses
– Audience authenticity ( language + responses )

These areas are the most important because they speak to the Instagrammers overall authenticity and potential to have influence with their audience to make sales for anyone who sponsors them.

Since the report on these areas appears to be accurate enough business owners who are looking for Instagram Influencers to work with could potentially use HypeAuditor to determine if the followers on the account are real and if the Instagram influencer is a safe bet.

And anyone who is working on their Instagram, and who wants to know “where they stand” could probably trust this assessment as a good indicator of where they stand.

What did your HypeAuditor report say?

If you do happen to get a report on your own Instagram account and if you don’t like what you see; don’t fret.
You can always work to improve your follower authenticity, authentic engagement and reach and then run the report again in a couple of months. For this reason, HypeAuditor is an excellent resource for anyone who is ready to take Instagram seriously and who wants to potentially make money from their account.


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