Learn how to turn your business or personal Instagram account into a lead-grabbing machine with my Instagram strategy mini-course!

Instagram is a GREAT platform for marketing.
BUT when you do not have a strategy to capture leads from your efforts it can also become a huge time-suck for your business!

If you are just commenting, liking and posting at random then you probably aren’t seeing any returns.

I can teach how to use Instagram in a way that allows you to turn your engagement into leads for your business.

In this INSTANT ACCESS MINICOURSE, I teach you how to collect an UNLIMITED number of leads for your business using just your personal ( or business ) Instagram profile.


– 30 Minute Tutorial video
– 3000 word PDF guide
– Bonus: how to use for e-commerce
– Bonus: how to use for location-based business

It just takes 2 hours to learn.

You will be able to get started RIGHT AWAY!

Best of All This is an ORGANIC Marketing Strategy.
Meaning, you can achieve results WITHOUT spending a penny on ads.

All you need to have to implement this strategy is:
1.) Personal or business Instagram account that you can post on 
2.) A functional landing page for email opt-in
3.) Time to follow the instructions and post on Instagram

You DO NOT need to change your content! You DO NOT need to spam your friends.
This strategy WORKS because it focuses on attracting people to you who will LOVE your content and who will be excited about what you have to offer them!




Karina J. Geneser

Fabolous woman- speaking up, sharing the most perfect tricks just like that- for free…Im so gratefull for knowing her- shes a gift for small and big ideas to come true- isn’t that amazing with people like that? Thank you- thank you – thank youtings.

Allie LC Bryan 

Brandie has awesome advice and she really knows her stuff. She’s not some fly by the knight chick who took a course and thinks she knows it all. She reaches from real life experience from her years of being online and working with social media.

Jody Aberdeen 

Since Day One, I’ve resonated with Brandie’s marketing approach that strikes an optimal, experience-based balance between being true to yourself and your own integrity with what actually works in the market to attract clients to hire you for your products and services. Those who know me know of my distrust of sales and marketing, as well as bullshit, so you can imagine how good Brandie is as what she does to merit this endorsement.

Dean Hopkins

I really appreciate Brandies Creative New Wave style and her direct no-nonsense approach to marketing. She doesn’t mind spilling the beans on everything and the content strategies, tips and advice she shares for free are some of the best I have come across on the net…..she deserves to have a Rocking client base!!

Christine Forde

I love how much great content Brandie shares so generously in such an easy-to-digest-and-implement way! I’m excited to see how this group continues to expand and offer even more! Thank you, Brandie!

Dave Irons

This lady knows her stuff! Brandie gives straight advice with NO Fillers or Fluff. If you want to know how to get on track, follow her and the group! Engage, engage, rinse and repeat! 

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