Do You Like Free Money? Who Doesn’t?

First things first if you aren’t already using the Honey Chrome extension to save money when you shop online you are cray-cray. I started using this Chrome extension when it started being recommended by all of my favorite YouTubers about a year ago, and I love it so much! So here is what Honey does.

Honey is a FREE browser extension that searches the web for promo codes before you check out in order to save you money on your purchases.
Seriously. If you aren’t using it, you are quite literally paying more than you have to for the majority of your online purchases.
And if you are like me ( before I installed Honey ) you already Google promo codes to save money when you are shopping online.
This application basically does that for you.
So you get to be lazy.
And still get a great deal.

If you don’t read any further, just do one thing for me.
Install Honey RIGHT MEOW! Like seriously. Click here and add it to your Google Chrome Browser.
Not using Google Chrome. Get it here. Then get honey. And start using it when you shop.

Alright –
Now, if you read my How to Get Free Food Using Instagram blog post then you probably know what is coming up next.
Right now – I am going to tell you how to get FREE MONEY using Honey. Oh, my, freak’n god!

So now this saint of an app is not just saving you money – it is giving you money.
Here is what you do.

Step 1: Sign up for and Install Honey.
Step 2: Get your refer a friend code.
Step 3: Paste your refer a friend code to your Instagram profile website URL.
Step 4: Write something like this as your Instagram bio “Save money when you shop with Honey! Click below for a FREE browser extension”
Step 5: Wait, because your friends need to Install Honey and then use it for the first time then YOU get $5.

And you can do this unlimited times.
And like with my FREE food hack, you can drive traffic to the link by posting … like normal on your personal Instagram and just including “Want to save money when you shop online? Check out the link in my profile” in the captions of all of your posts.
Plus if you want to be especially hardcore, whenever someone “follows you” give ’em the referral link in a DM, say something like “Hey thanks for following me, here’s an amazing money saving app for you!”

Seriously, the payback is especially worth it, IF you are using Instagram a lot already AND you don’t have anything else to promote.
As your following grows so will the amount of payback you get from Honey. Easiest $5 dollars you will ever make.

Again – this is a great example of an easy way to get started monetizing your efforts on Instagram. And if your long-term goal is to become influential on Instagram then THIS is something you are going to want to take advantage of!

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