I Created A Tribe On Tailwind! Join Me ( Organic Content Sharing Strategy )

I have been playing with Tailwind App and doing some experiments to see how it can be used to help you grow your Instagram following. Over the last few days, I have come to realize that Tailwind is so much more than just an Instagram booster – or another way to schedule your social media posts.

A few days ago I mentioned how excited I was to play with Tailwind’s “Tribes” feature.

Tailwind Tribes allows you to host and join what are essentially engagement pods/swarms to boost the visibility of your content.

I say content because tribes are meant for promotional and link building not just for Instagram but also for blogs, Youtube, business websites.

>> Basically, any piece of content that has a URL you can share and promote it in your “Tribes.” <<

As someone who has previously tried to organize engagement pods and swarms in Facebook Groups; only to have them inevitably fall apart when they grow too big and chaotic, I LOVE the concept of Tribes.
And all of the features that Tailwind provides makes it easy to keep your tribe engaged and organized.

Here are some of the fun features!

Host a Tribe –

So if you want to build a community online Tailwind Tribes may very well be an alternative to Facebook Groups. ( Who are we kidding it is way better than Facebook groups… ) You have the option of making your group, public, invite only, or secret. You can also create rules for your tribe.

Communicating with your Tailwind Tribe is also super easy, as there is a built-in chat feature.
You can engage with your community in an ongoing group chat, or start one to one sub-chats with your Tribe members.
This alone is a pretty awesome feature.

Join A Tribe

If you don’t have the time or desire to build a tribe of your own you can also join one of the many already existing, niche’ tribes.
Choosing a tribe to participate in, is easy – just search by topic or niche’ and read the description.
Depending on what your goals are for content sharing ( are you growing a business? driving traffic to a blog? increasing your Instagram following ) you can find a tribe and connect with people who have similar goals –

Participating In Tribes

From what I have seen so far, partaking in Tribes and how much time commitment it takes varies depending on the group rules and how much spare time you actually have to commit. However, the plus side is that you can essentially go into your tribe and schedule WEEKS worth of Pinterest activity – sharing tribe posts, saving yourself time later. And, with the handiest chrome extension in the world >> you can easily ADD your own posts to multiple tribes that you are a member in.

If you have ever spent time manually pinning and trying to get traffic on your own content posts THEN YOU KNOW how revolutionary this is.
Obviously, like any tool the factors that come into play are

1.)  The quality of your content to begin with…

If you don’t have great content people in your tribe aren’t going to share so partaking is really a waste of time. Instead, focus on building good content for sharing and then networking it using Tailwind’s Tribes.

2.) The time you put in…

I am constantly reminding people that there is no magic solution for organic content networking. You need to do the work if you want the perks. However, I LIKE any application that automates a process and allows you to make THE MOST out of the time you are spending.

Okay – so as I promised I’ll be doing more reviews of Tailwind and the features included within Tailwind.
However, Tailwind Tribes right now has much attention as I can see this being a vital part of my own daily content networking strategy.

Already, Tailwind’s monthly cost is worth it – just for providing me access to this feature.
However, if you want to you can actually TRY OUT Tribes – for free ( no cost ) ...

I’ve also gone ahead and created my own Tailwind Tribe to start collecting people into.
You can join my Tribe by clicking the link below.
See ya there!


Brandie's Instagram Growth Hack Group On Tailwind

This is a tailwind tribe dedicated to growing your Instagram following and helping other people grow their Instagram following!

Members of the tribe are expected to follow the Tribe rules - sharing and promoting group members Instagram posts for the purpose of mutual growth and community.