Overall, for me, 2018 was a good year.

Surprise, surprise! Here we are at the end of 2018 and here I am making some bold declarations about what I want to do in 2019.

As one does, ( am I right? ) – I am using these last few remaining days of the year to set some goals and look back at the year now past and analyze every tiny micro detail.

This year I achieved my goals of hitting 10K on my personal Instagram account and launching a passive income product. I did not, however, achieve any of my new year’s resolutions such as; lose the baby weight ( i hadn’t even had the baby yet mind you when I made that resolution ) and three times my previous year’s revenue. ( I always get a bit crazy when it comes to goals that relate to my finances … )

I suppose if we are really going to celebrate big wins; I did “somehow” manage to retire my husband with the help of income support ( yay equal rights ) as he was able to take paternity leave after the baby was born, making me ( holy shit ) the official main breadwinner of the family.

How’s that going you may be wondering?

Well – to be frank, hubby badger may possibly be returning to work in the new year. No, not because my income from doing social media marketing cannot support us both – but more so because, we have some new goals; pay off all our debt before we both turn 30 ( we’re 29 )  and renovate/upgrade our desperately outdated home – and if that are going to actually crush these goals it will require us to both really work hard in 2019.

So that’s me, now let’s talk about you!

Chances are – if you are still sticking with me on this list it is probably because you are hoping I am going to continue to drop gems of wisdom regarding Instagram Marketing and Instagram Lead Capture Techniques. ( again, am I right? ) I don’t want to disappoint, so I thought I’d let you know right now that I have already pre-composed ( yes, they are all pre-written look at me all organized and on the ball ) I have 20 weeks of emails all on the topics of Instagram Marketing, Lead Capture with Instagram, the Tailwind App, and Instagram Ads.

Starting with these 5 pieces of general advice, that if you follow them, YOU WILL be set up for success with Instagram marketing in 2019.

#1: Post consistently and on topic

Niches thrive on Instagram so do your self a favor and stay on topic. Content can generally be “broad” but it should also be consistently the same so your new audience members know exactly what they are signing up for when they click “follow”.

#2: Engage on more content then you post

Taking the time to engage off of your own profile and on other people’s posts ( choose who you engage with wisely ) WILL increase your rate of growth and drive traffic to your profile, more than just posting alone. Since organic discoverability is so rare on Instagram, your best bang for time invested is to invest time more so in the networking aspect ( showing up elsewhere ) than on creating content for your own profile. If you have to decide; make your strategy to post less and engage more. Choose to engage on content; hashtags, profiles, and location tags where people who will also like your content hang out.

#3 Remember: Instagram is a multi-media platform

Although some old school grammars still can get away with posting only pictures with captions, Instagram is now a multi-media platform! You can post pictures, but you can also create story narratives ( save in highlights to make permanent ) – live videos / Instagram live – short videos – slideshows a.k.a. multi-image posts – and of course long-form video IGTV.

#4 Pay Attention to Your Insights

2019 should be the year where you finally stop looking at vanity metrics and START looking at your insights. >>> Actions Taken <<< such as profile views and link clicks are far more interesting as they show you who of your post audience, are looking to go the next step. Remember: the key is to optimize your Instagram profile for lead capture so that you can turn people from followers into self-qualified leads.

#5 Get A Strategy

This may seem like some pretty general / broad advice for Instagram Marketing but seriously, if you have been winging it thus far, 2019 should be the year that you save your self from that misery and get a strategy. Decide definitively what Instagram is supposed to be doing for your business and what success on Instagram looks like to you. Know, what you are going to posting about and what the topic/theme of your Instagram account is going to be. GET THAT LEAD CAPTURE in place so that you can meter whether or not your success on the platform is actually “successful” and stop dabbling. Seriously, it is time. 

Alright – so the next time we talk it will be 2019 and you’ll be all pumped and ready to make some changes! I hope these 5 Instagram Success Tips have inspired you ( at the very least ) and got you thinking about what you could be doing to improve your Instagram going into the new year. See you there.

~ Brandie

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