Get Expert Help With Your Instagram Marketing Today!

You know that Instagram has the potential to be a powerful marketing tool for your business.
But, you have yet to see it work for you!

When it comes to social media marketing Instagram is one of THE BEST platforms for generating interest and getting new leads and sales organically without spending a whole lot on ads.

However, if you don’t know what you are doing Instagram can also be a huge time suck, especially when you are

–  just randomly posting whatever, whenever
– following random accounts “hoping” that they will follow back
–  waiting for people to just come and following your account
– aren’t optimizing your profile for further conversion ( leads and sales )

A business owner can end up spending A LOT of their time trying to figure out how to hack Instagram –
And because how each different type of business should be utilizing Instagram there is really no “one hat to fit all solution”…

However, if want you want is
More leads. More sales. And Less Wasted Time or Ad Dollars then I have an offer for you!

One on One Instagram Strategy Intensive:

This is a unique opportunity to work with me Brandie Peters 1:1 and to develop and implement a strategy for your Instagram account.

In (4) 1:1 sessions I will help you

1. ) Learn the basics of Instagram Marketing as it applies to your business.

– Optimize your Instagram Account to generate opt-in or new leads on your freebie or incentive offer

2.) Grow your account

– Fast track your Instagram Growth by finding the right hashtags and profiles to interact with

3.) Jet Fuel Your Instagram Growth

– My secret tips and tricks to get your Instagram Growth 10Xs fast ( no as spend needed )

4.) Instagram Ads: Take Everything “NEXT LEVEL” with one ad that will drive a CRAZY amount of traffic to your Instagram and build your audience up fast.
*  Instagram ads are set up in your Facebook Ads manager, access to a Facebook Ads Account is required.


Who is this for?

I created this intensive for ANY entrepreneur who wants to build their business and sees great potential in Instagram but still hasn’t quite figured it out.

My strategies have been proven to work on a variety of different types of businesses! However, the content that you will be posting and what you will be offering as far as a freebie or opt-in will be created 100% unique for your business!!! This is why the training is one to one.

This process will ONLY work for someone who has already has completed their opt-in funnel ( for email sign-ups ) or an incentive offer ( discount or promo code ) ready to go.

If you aren’t sure if you are a good fit for my intensive please click here to send me a message. We can have a quick chat to see if you are ready to grow your Instagram using my Growth Hacking Techniques.