Stop Dabbling. Start Strategizing.

Are you getting tired of posting on Instagram every day and not getting anywhere with it? Has your account growth been freak’n stagnant despite putting a lot of effort into all of your posts?

Do you feel as if, you have good content ( great content even ) but nobody ever follows you – let alone interacts with your posts?

Have you been wasting a lot of life, participating in follow for follow exchanges and Instagram engagement pods – and are feeling exhausted; worn down by the whole hustle and grind that is apparently required to win on this competitive platform!

It doesn’t have to be this way you know!? 

Instagram audience growth could be easy and SUPER simple.
In fact, there are ways ( real, organic, and authentic ways ) to grow an epic Instag
ram following without any stress at all.

And if you learn the easy, breezy, stress-free way to use Instagram for client attraction, sales, and lead generation…

And start paying attention to the insights that matter when you are marketing on the Instagram platform

You’ll never feel like your time and energy spent on Instagram is wasted again!

Actually, I have a sneaky feeling that you’ll be more than blown away by how simple, yet powerful lead generation on Instagram actually is…

Instagram could actually make your business this year!

Alright, so I know you are thinking – here it comes another one of those “how to Instagram” webinar, or lectures, followed by an upsell and a pitch for a course that’ll teach you barely anything… you’ve been around this block –

you’ve already heard all the “strategies” and tips..

you aren’t in the mood for another self-proclaimed Instagram expert to take you for a ride

and, as we’ve clarified before – this, shit. ain’t. working…

I am with you!


In fact, I believe ( 100% ) that the main reason why most business owners who are trying to “use” Instagram for marketing get it wrong is because they are following

>> the wrong << type of advice.

most of the Instagram experts out there talk about the basic, no-duh, surface-level stuff – such as

make sure your posts look pretty
– engage with your audience
– niche your content
– follow a pattern and color scheme
– be consistent, put in the time…

and it doesn’t hurt if you are really really ridiculously good looking
and live inside the pages of home and garden…

Yep, that’s pretty standard advice on “how to Instagram” but honestly – from what I’ve found …

It isn’t practical for most people, it doesn’t always convert, and if you are trying to apply this general sort of advice to every person or business your results will vary substantially …

The truth is that the info that is currently out there about Instagram Marketing that most people are following isn’t what REALLY works on the platform in 2019.

The Instagram algorithm is now tighter than ever…

>>  surprise, yeah, Instagram has an algorithm and not EVERYONE who follows you sees what you post! <<

Reach on the platform is incredibly competitive… so if you aren’t getting fresh traffic, shares, and engagement, your posts just aren’t being seen. 

And audiences on Instagram who have been seeing the same redundant shit for over a decade aren’t falling for it anymore. They’re bored. I am bored. Heck, you are probably bored. Nobody is having any fun here!

Yup. The honest truth ( cross my heart )  – is that if you are still applying 2010 advice in a 2019 world – you’re gonna keep losing, keep crying, and keep feeling like this platform is IMPOSSIBLE to figure out.

And if you continue on this way – dancing down the path of the forever dabbler, never strategizer you’re gonna miss out…

Okay, okay! I’ll bite! What can you tell me about Instagram – that is going to change the game so substantially? Well, first of all, do you have a lead capture in place? A way to take curious people from looking at a post and scrolling by thinking “hey well now isn’t that nice” to qualify themselves as a potential by taking an action that tells you THEY WANT TO LEARN MORE?

Not having a way to capture leads from Instagram is LIKELY a huge factor in your current lack of success on the platform.
And your persistence ( and time-wasting ) dabbling, without a strategy in place is 100% the reason why things have yet to improve for you.
If you would like to see what is possible with Instagram… and maybe start using it to its full potential then NOW is the time to get your ducks in a row. 

Just >> click here << and apply for a 24 hour Instagram Takeover – to see what can be done to improve your Instagram Marketing!