If you want more organic traffic on your Instagram Profile focus on these 4 specific things –

Previous to my Instagram 10 or bust, buckle down – I had been stuck at 1000 or followers for years!
And when I had 1000 followers I thought I was bawling…
I am awesome 1000 people “like” my posts
… most people have like 100…
My content must be awesome…
I really thought my stuff was “great” 

But I was also deluded…
Most of the followers that my Instagram account had been just “courtesy” follows from people who I knew in real life ( friends ), my family members and people who I had met at various marketing conferences who had their own stuff going on.  Sure, I had 1000 or so people “following” me but nobody was really paying attention.


And this is kinda embarrassing now to think about because I used to put a lot of time and energy into my Instagram posts. I’d make short videos and go live. But my actual reach on all that content ( that I spent hours on ) was super low – and my engagement on it – was non-existence.

I remember the day I realized that this Instagram profile that I was so proud of, for lack of better wordage, actually sucked.
It was upsetting because, as I mentioned I had been putting a great deal of time and energy into producing content for it.
However – turns out that was the exact issue. 
I was putting a lot of energy into content and not very much energy into content networking. 
That was where I was going wrong…

It took me awhile to figure this all out because, after this big shocking realization, I just let my Instagram gather cob-webs for awhile. Instead, I focused on my main social media platform, Facebook. Facebook is really “my home” because it is where I have an interactive community who actually engage with the content that I post.

And it wasn’t until all of the hullabaloo and controversy surrounding Facebook that emerged in 2017 that I decided to give Instagram another chance. Yes, I know that they are practically the same beast – but as people are leaving Facebook in flocks, Instagram continues to grow in popularity – being a social media marketing strategist realized I was going to need to cover my behind just in case the Facebook Apolcolypse and master a new platform…

Anyways – I made a commitment to myself that I was going to “learn Instagram” and get my account to the 10K mark before the end of 2018.
I took the time to start experimenting with Instagram ( like I had previously with Facebook ) to get a handle on the algorithm – and devoted myself to building an audience there.
Here is what I very quickly figured out:

– The Instagram algorithm is NOT that different from the Facebook algorithm. Meaning – it shows people the content that they are most likely to engage with: based on their previous behaviors, indicated interests ( determined by keywords and searches ) and network ( the interests of people whom they are connected to )

– Comments are weighted A LOT MORE than just “hearts” on Instagram If someone “hearts” a post on IG then they will likely see your next post – but the post won’t trend in the network. If you get a lot of comments it indicates that the post is “hot stuff” and it starts to get shown to more people who share mutual connections

– People follow content that has value to them / appeals to their personal interests. This is the KEY and the argument towards why you should create NICHE Instagrams about a topic, not so much personal Instagrams about “yourself” – however if you do have a personal Instagram about yourself – treat it as a micro-blog and post content that is “about you” but also following themes: my Instagram these days is all about, teaching people about social media marketing and my life as an online entrepreneur with two kids.

– Community is essential. Since Instagram is all about who is also connected to who and what they are mutually interested in. Encouraging your followers to follow each other and to make sure you are engaging within a core network ( again like Facebook ) is very important. I added community to my profile by doing follow trains, engagement games – incentivized with shoutout posts! ( where I shout out people who engaged with me regularly doing a specific period of time ) and the growth I saw from doing this was phenomenal.

Follow Me!

Interestingly enough on my journey to 10K – I also documented and shared everything that I was learning and compiled it into a helpful PDF Freebie for my audience.

My Facebook people had been asking A LOT of questions about Instagram and what started out as a “small offering” to them – an Instagram Strategy Guide grew into one of my most valuable content offerings.

I put the Instagram Guide: 5 Instagram Growth Hacking Strategies That You Have Not Heard Before onto my Instagram in the spring of 2018 – and in reality just a few short months my MailChimp email list had grown to 1200 people! Holy Crap… right?

Anyways – being able to grow an email subscriber list in addition to growing my Instagram to 10K ( simultaneously ) as something that I found really fascinating.

I decided to break this strategy down into something that I could share with my consulting clients as the simple step by steps so that the results could be duplicated for other people. –

And that is where we are at now. I am talking NOT just about growing Instagram accounts quickly but also growing email list subscriber numbers fast, using an Instagram driven strategy. (Yes, results are organic… No, I didn’t spend a penny on Facebook ads) – Teaching other people “the method behind the madness” and hosting an intensive training class where I break this process down into steps. Hope to see you there!


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