Hey you guys, so if you haven’t figured it out already,

I am one of those internet marketing people.

Don’t worry though, I am not like other internet marketing people.
I am a cool internet marketing people. ( +10 points to anyone who got that Mean Girls reference. )
Speaking of Mean Girls, how boss
is Lindsey Lohan in her new show Lohan Beach Club.??
I live for a quality comeback.
Oprah taught her well. Lol…

Anyways – back on topic; I am an Internet Marketing person, meaning I am all about those funnels, traffic strategies, and ad targets. However, I try my best to keep it real and not annoy anyone with my marketing, because like we all know >> it really doesn’t work!!! <<. Spamming people, or dropping a lot of marketing garbage on your social media accounts IS NOT the way to build an audience or a client /customer list. AND if you really want to be a successful internet marketer you first need to learn how to be a successful human, period. “The golden rule comes to mind: treat others the way you would want to be treated.”

When you start looking at it this way, out goes all the sleazy, spammy, barf in your mouth marketing tactics that feel unnatural; and in enters authentic, connective, and honest marketing techniques – ( what would you prefer to see? )

Now I know what you are thinking; but Brandie, how can I let people know about my products and services on social media if I don’t >> “talk about them?” –

And, my response to you is; it is actually easy to do.

And YOU CAN talk about ( and show ) what you do ( your business ) on social media.
There is just a good way ( yay positive! ) and a bad way ( boo not good ) to go about it.

The good way; build relationships, talk with people not at people, entertain, engage, inform, and showcase things in a way that is full of personality and “attractive” –

The bad way: treat your personal and business social media like a personal billboard + uses ugly tactics like auto-DMs, auto-commenting, and contacting people without their permission.

Honestly, I have no idea why anyone would continue to do the later when the more authentic and connective approach to marketing on social is much more easy ( and 10Xs more fun ) …but hey.

And specifically, when it comes to Instagram Marketing – when you start thinking of it NOT just as a place where you can put up your latest advertisement or promotion BUT INSTEAD like a tool that you can use to connect with like-minded people who would just LOVE YOU if only they knew about you, things really start to change.

Coming up with things to post, and what to post becomes way easier when you know WHO you are talking to and your main goal is just to build a genuine connection with them.

And although, yes it may seem cliche’, but “authenticity” will bring the right people to you; and you won’t have to worry so much about likes, engagements and jacking up your follower count just to look good. Become an authentic participant in the Instagram platform, and you’ll be welcomed there – and, when you build those relationships your business will thrive because people will naturally be curious about your business because of the relationship you have cultivated with them.

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~ Brandie


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