Have a business? Here is why you SHOULD be excited about Instagram ( 5 Reasons )

#1 Instagram is increasing in popularity while Facebook is declining. Although the platform is over a decade old, it is still signing up new users each day!!📸

#2 Instagram is popular cross demographics; people of all ages, sex, location, and interests use Instagram. Because it is a very niche’ interest focused platform, there is huge potential for ANYONE – to find “their people” on the platform. 👍

#3 Unlike Facebook ( a lot of people are frustrated by its closed nature ) Instagram is more open for discoverability (( granted that you have a public profile ) the algorithm also isn’t as tight; meaning that if you put in a solid amount of effort you can still enjoy organic growth.👌

#4 Instagram is multi-media and designed for storytelling! ( The term micro-blog ) comes to mind. There are so many ways you can share information and connect with people on Instagram – beyond “just pretty pictures” 🙌

#5 Instagram Ads – Instagram Ads are a business owners dream because they allow you to reach people on Instagram who are going to love your content, and convert them into leads ( if you know what you are doing ). Ps. Instagram Ads live in your Facebook Ads manager and there are tons of options for building audiences and creating ads.

So, riddle me this WHY are you not using Instagram to market your business?

Is it because you aren’t sure how or have been “trying” but not having any success?

Maybe you might like to try my Instagram Marketing Success Challenge 5 Days of Instagram Profile Makeover Tips to help you overhaul you Instagram Marketing Strategy and improve your Instagram game.

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