Do You Have A Product or Service That You Are Trying to Market Using Instagram?

I should NOT have to tell you that Instagram is the place to be if you have something to sell in 2018.
Instagram has very quickly surpassed Facebook in popularity and it is easy to see why.

Unlike Facebook – that has become largely pay to play
Instagram is still a platform where you can “get back what you put in” and have organic growth ( and capture an INSANE amount of leads for your business ) that is… IF you know what you are doing. 






The downside to Instagram is that it can become a real resource drain, sucking up all your precious time currency, because you are focusing your energy on the wrong things.

MOST people, default to posting a lot of pretty pictures and trying to make their Instagram grid look good RATHER than using Instagram like the lead-grabbing power tool that it is.


There is ONE ( insanely underutilized ) conversion location on Instagram where you can DRIVE traffic and turn people who are engaging with your content into potential customers for your business.

If you have a funnel in place with a FREEBIE or INCENTIVE opt-in  – Instagram can be an AWESOME point of entry for lead capture, allowing you to grow your list and make sales – FINALLY – for FREE ( no ad spend needed ) … every single day… JUST by being present on the platform.

PLUS – when you use Instagram in this strategic fashion you no longer have to worry about making your feed LOOK Insta-pretty with a matchy grid. Instead, you get to be YOU – post when and how you want to – and CONNECT with more people. Throwing all of the overwhelming advice about > what you must do on Instagram to be successful < out the window. 

What do you need?

>>> If you have a business or personal Instagram account
>>> And a “lead capture” landing page with a functional email opt-in


Then you are READY to do this course!

It is a 30-minute video tutorial & a written accompanyING strategy guide! 



In this mini-course, you will learn:

– How to optimize your Instagram account for lead capture
– How to post on Instagram to drive traffic to your funnel; build your list and convert engagement into potential revenue for your business
– What you should be posting to attract potential customers
– How to grow your follower numbers FAST and build an engaged audience on Instagram who LOVE what you do and are excited to buy from you!

PLUS two bonuses:
– How to use this strategy to sell more “physical products” with an irresistible incentive offer for e-commerce shop owners
– How to use this strategy for location-based businesses, who want to reach more people in their local area.