Make $5 In Cash To Spend Just By Sharing Ebates On Your Instagram

Okay, so if you enjoyed my last two posts about: How to get free food using Instagram and How to make $5 using Instagram and The Honey Browser Extension then you are going to LOVE this little trick that will again pay you $5 just for sharing a link.

Imagine that! $5 bucks FREE while you play on Instagram, which is something you were doing all the time anyways…

This time around the website that pays you is called Ebates. Ebates is one that I have been using for years not knowing that I could be getting to talk about it on my social media.

What is Ebates? Well, it is a website that provides you with exclusive deals on items that you can buy online. Ebates is affiliated with the most popular online stores: Amazon, Clearly, Expedia, and Groupon.
Love to shop for clothes online? Ebates provides small percentages off online stores like; Garage, Joe Fresh, Toms, American Eagle… etc.
Seriously, MOST stores have deals listed on Ebates. And when you make purchases through Ebates, you also get up to 10% cashback. So, you save money and you make back the money.

However, the real payback is in getting other people to sign up and start using Ebates. Ebates pays you $5 per referral. However, you only get the $5 bucks when they make their first purchase…

A minor downside really, because once your friend is signed up with Ebates, the chances of them eventually making a purchase through the website ( because so many popular stores are listed ) is highly likely.
And – they also have the same Cashback advantages that you do.

Again – the way that you match this up with your Instagram is pretty simple.

1. Sign up for Ebates
2. Grab your “refer a friend” URL
3. Plop that baby up into your Instagram website URL 
4. Write a fun bio like “Want to make 10% cashback when you shop online? Duh, who doesn’t?”

Proceed to post on Instagram as you normally would.
Always remind people about the link in the bio of your profile in your post captions.
Voila, save your friends money on the stuff they like to buy.
Make $5 when they start shopping with Ebates.

It is too easy not to do!
And honestly, this one works for any type of Instagrammer because you can also match it to your profile niche. Examples:

 >> Find out how I make cashback on make-up!
( Make-up Theme Instagram )

 >> Save money on travel!!!
( Travel Theme Instagram )

>> How I save money on clothes!
( Fashion Instagram )

>>> Get discounts on your electronics!
( Gaming + Tech Instagram )

Ebates can work for ANY Instagram niche –
And they have an easy to use mobile shopping app!
And everyone who signs up for it immediately benefits!
Ebates is great.

Again, this is just one more example of how you can put your Instagram to work, even if you don’t have that many followers! ( yet )

I highly recommend doing this IF you are already spending a lot of time on your Instagram and if you like FREE money and saving money when you shop online.

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