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Okay, so I just wanted to post a quick update about Tailwind – as I announced that I was trying it out and in the process of writing an in-depth review of the app.
One feature on Tailwind that I am already just SO EXCITED about is the “Tribes” feature…
And it turns out that ANYONE can use this feature even if they have not yet signed up for Tailwind! 

So why is “Tribes” such an awesome feature in this app?
Two words; engagement pods.

What is an engagement pod you ask?

Well if you have never heard of engagement pods before ( come on seriously? ) – they are an online community or group; usually hosted in Facebook Groups where everyone shares content and interacts on each other’s content in a mutual exchange of traffic and for a bump in engagement numbers ( and reach )…
The reason why engagement pods are so popular is that when you participate in them your posts on social media or if you are a blogger, on your blog – get a bump in interaction on the day that you share the link in your pod. AND because all of the platforms have algorithms that determine who gets reach and visibility ( and the algorithm tends to favor posts with a lot of traffic and interaction ) you are able to use the traffic earned from participating in your pod community, to get an increase in organic reach on the content that you post.

Should you be participating in pods?

Pods or engagement swarms ( in my opinion ) are re,ly beneficial IF

a.) You have great content. Increasing reach on lousy content is just a waste of time. Because even if you increase the visibility to get new real traffic on the content – people will just bounce off NOT GOOD. So, first, you need to have share-worthy content.

b.) You have a business model that allows you to profit from this activity- this means that you either have your affiliate links in order OR a funnel in place to capture the traffic and turn people who engage with you, into potential customers –

c.) If you have the time to spare! – partaking in engagement swarms and pods can be quite time-consuming – if you don’t have the time to be an engaged member of that type of community or effort THEN you are better off not committing yourself

THAT SAID, if your ducks are in a row – you have content that you are proud of, a funnel or affiliate links in order, AND you have the time to spare.. then YES – yes you should be participating in these pods because IF you have enough people participating in this activity can give you an awesome leg up.

This is especially a good idea IF you do not have a budget for paid advertising for your business, but you do have content to share. As this is one technique that anyone can use to increase their organic visibility reach on sales funnels, blogs, videos and social media posts. ( Works for all )

Why are TRIBES by Tailwind so exciting???

Okay – so now that you know what an engagement pod is – I have to tell you a hard FRANK truth if you want to be part of one. Very often these things are disorganized clusterfucks. And unless the person in charge of it is extremely consistent and organized they can very quickly become a mess and fall apart. As someone who has tried to launch engagement pods of my own AND who has been in many ( that have died over time ) myself – this is the truth. And… in my many daydreams, I have hoped that somebody tech savvy would come up with an application that served as a solution.

Enter Tribes by Tailwind.

This is freak’n AMAZING. So Tailwind has a feature built into called “Tribes” within tribes a person can join communities ( that suite their niche ) and post links to their content ( to be engaged with and pinned ) – and then EASILY reciprocate within their tribe community by pinning and engaging on other members posts. FINALLY, engagement sharing is made easy.

PLUS this isn’t just a great way to get your content out there.
If you are looking to build your own following and connect with more people it is also a FANTASTIC way to serve your audience –
Honestly – if that doesn’t sound wonderful enough, you can also USE THIS FEATURE FREE without having to sign up for Tailwind – I know, I am salivating.

Okay – so if you are hearing about this for the first time and you have some content that you want to boost – and some time to spend; then >> click here << and give it a FREE trial.

This is something I KNOW I will be using to boost my Instagram content – and as I play with it, I will write up some more tutorials and reviews so that everyone can benefit!

I have started my own Tribe on Tailwind click the link below to request to become a member of my Tailwind Tribe!