How To Find Out If You Have Reached Influencer Status On Instagram…

Have you been working hard to build your Instagram following? Do you ever wonder if your account is “influential” enough to get sponsored a post or get approved for affiliate marketing opportunities?
I recently came across a website called HypeAuditor and I decided to try it out and run a report on my own Instagram. In today’s blog, I am going to talk a bit about Hypeauditor, how it works, and if you should trust it.

What is HypeAuditor all about?

Okay, so HypeAuditor claims to be the answer to the question on everyone’s mind, how REAL is this Instagrammer’s following? … Admit it, you’ve at some point looked at somebody’s Instagram accounts and been skeptical of whether or not their following is “legit”?

If you are an avid Instagrammer, then you yourself may also be wondering; how many of these people who follow are “real”?

HypeAuditor provides you with a response to both these questions as you can run reports on ANY Instagram account that you want, not just your own.

Because of this HypeAuditor is also a tool that business owners who are looking for influencers to promote their products can use to determine the potential influencers legitimacy…

It is an in-browser application that provides a report determining the quality, reach and authenticity of any Instagram account.

What is in the report?

Alright, so if you run an Instagram Hype Audit ( you can get a FREE ONE by clicking here ) you’ll get the following Information:

1.) Your global Influencer ranking ( over all of Instagram according to HypeAuditor )
2.) Your national influencer ranking ( over your country of origin )
3.) Your ranking “by category” – this is based on the assumed niche of your Instagram account again, according to HypeAuditor
4.) An estimate of how many of your followers are “real” or active Instagram accounts ran by real human persons
5.) An average of “authentic engagement” – this is supposedly how much “real” engagement on average each of your posts
6.) An audience quality score – this is an overall ranking of your audience quality
7.) A breakdown of who your followers are and where they are from – with the language being a factor in determining audience quality
8.) Your “reach” – the average amount of people who see your per post
9.) Follower quality percentage – the percentage of your following that is engaged by your content
10.) Your average number of comments + your average number of likes…
11.) Other stuff like Niche percentages, advertising / sponsored post performances, brand tagging

How accurate is this report…really?

My honest review of HypeAuditor is that it is pretty accurate, actually.

In fact, based on my own assessment of my personal Instagram and the numbers that I have seen and the engagement I experience on my account I would say that it is reasonably reliable. Plus if you have your Instagram Account switched over to a business account and look at the reach and engagement rate directly from Instagram, it matches up – great to see.

However, there are two small issues with HypeAuditor:

The global influencer ranking and your national influencer where you rank worldwide or nationally is based only on who has submitted their account to be accessed by HypeAuditor.

Also some data that is included in the report, such as your niche percentages  ( I would be curious to know what they said other people’s niches was; mine came in as Beauty & Fashion, Business, Restaurants, Food & Grocery ) there is no information on HOW these conclusions are drawn, but I would assume it is based on your hashtags and keywords on your profile – again, not sure of the accuracy.

Everything else seems pretty legit and if you are trusting HypeAuditors assessment of your account what I would be MOST concerned with is …

– The number of real followers
– The number of active followers
– Rate of engagement
– Reach per post
– Comments and responses
– Audience authenticity ( language + responses )

These areas are the most important because they speak to the Instagrammers overall authenticity and potential to have influence with their audience to make sales for anyone who sponsors them.

Since the report on these areas appears to be accurate enough business owners who are looking for Instagram Influencers to work with could potentially use HypeAuditor to determine if the followers on the account are real and if the Instagram influencer is a safe bet.

And anyone who is working on their Instagram, and who wants to know “where they stand” could probably trust this assessment as a good indicator of where they stand.

What did your HypeAuditor report say?

If you do happen to get a report on your own Instagram account and if you don’t like what you see; don’t fret.
You can always work to improve your follower authenticity, authentic engagement and reach and then run the report again in a couple of months. For this reason, HypeAuditor is an excellent resource for anyone who is ready to take Instagram seriously and who wants to potentially make money from their account.


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