Fotor A MOBILE and In-browser Photo Editing Application Possible Alternative to Canva?

I often get asked about alternative options to Canva…
My first recommendation is to get the Adobe Suite that includes Photoshop and the unlocked ad-free version of Photoshop Express … 
I cannot help myself, I am Adobe girl through and through –

However, I can appreciate that NOT EVERYONE is going to feel the same way – ( OR ) wish to install an extension application onto their computer that is going to cost them $21 for occasional photo-editing.
Therefore, I am always on the lookout for alternative options for photo editing for Instagram that are easy to use, inexpensive, and have enough unique options so that you can make your images look branded and one of a kind.

The one photo editing option that MOST people already know about is Canva. I have a few issues with Canva; but this isn’t the place where I am going to air them.

Instead, I would like to introduce a new-ish photo editing application option Fotor.

Fotor came to my attention whilst I was looking for some different photo editors to recommend to go along with my freebie: 102 Royalty Free Images for Your Instagram.

I started to play around with it to see what I thought of it ( keeping it in mind as an alternative to Canva ) and I was surprisingly happy with how seamless it was and how well it worked.

After my first initial “try out” I wanted to see what the PRO features were like. So, I took advantage of Foto’s Invite a friend program and “invited” a few people to get access to the unlocked version for a few days.

Here are some of my thoughts!

– Can be accessed anywhere via mobile or desktop!
– Connects to your social media you can load images to / or from Instagram, Facebook etc.
– Mac or PC friendly / also Android or iOS
– ‘Fotor for Messenger’ unique feature for integration with Facebook Messenger ( so cool! )
– Community aspect with Foto, Foto competitions for Photographers ( a nice touch/incentive to use it )
– “One-tap” photo enhancer automatically improves quality issues with any images…
– Compatibility with RAW image files

What Else?

Okay, so I made a few images with Fotor to see how it functioned. Here is what I ended up with. ( Less than 3 minutes spent on each )

and here are a few more thoughts:

– SUPER EASY… you need ZERO design experience to use this, my kid could do it

– Good for basic graphics creation; flyers, blog titles, Pinterest posts, social media ads etc.

– Good for image fixing, remove red-eye, blemishes

– Advanced photo manipulating “photo-shopping” … you can make yourself skinnier, add make-up etc.

– Stickers, frames, and fonts – nice variety

– Not limited in options – millions to choose from

– Saving and downloading images is fast and easy

– The speed of editing GREAT – seamless really ( no waiting to load )

Honestly, I was surprised by how it was to use and I can see tons of potential in this for anyone who needs to make graphics or edit photos for any reason. I am happy with how the images I made turned out, and I am even MORE satisfied with the fact it required like ZERO effort to figure this application out having never used it before.

In my opinion, this mobile image editor is not an alternative to Canva, but is in fact SUPERIOR to Canva, even though it is just brand new and some features are still in development. If you are looking for a way to edit your photos without having photoshop I would recommend the paid version ( $3.99 per month ) of Fotor. 

Fotor has everything an Instagrammer needs to create great images to post on their feed. Not sure? Give it a test run yourself.

Oh, and feel free to use some of these Royalty Free Stock Images for Instagram.