What You May Not Know About Me – The Ultimate Blog Challenge

What You May Not Know About Me – The Ultimate Blog Challenge

 What, I Guess,  You Need to Know About Me…

Here we are ol’ blog numero four, of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. This time around the blog challenge calls for a post about the things that people may not know about me. I guess that is really a pretty broad or general thing to write about – and how much ( or how little ) that you may know about me really depends on how much attention you have been paying or the length of time that you have been following along. For instance, if this is the first time that you have ever read anything that I have written and have found yourself here for some random reason then you probably don’t know that I am a content marketing strategist or that I have been working online as a freelance contractor for over six years now.

If you absolutely have no clue about what I do or how I do it – well I suppose that you wouldn’t know that I have been able to sell my services as a content writer, consultant and “occasionally” as a visibility coach, merely by being incredibly visible on social media platforms like Facebook.

And – I guess, if you aren’t familiar with my style or “The Brandie Peters Brand” then I guess then you wouldn’t know that I pride myself on leading by example and experimenting constantly, so that I can share with people what I have found works, and doesn’t work in regards to online marketing, specifically the art of “selling yourself”.

In addition to this – you’d probably never guess ( okay maybe by my tone of voice or the visuals I have chosen ) that I am a bit of an anarchist shit disturber. Meaning, I love to challenge the status quo – question norms and do things a little bit differently than my peers.

One of my favorite quotations is

” Everything that is popular is wrong” ~ Oscar Wild

You may have noticed that “working online” and the whole concept of the “freedom lifestyle” has become very fashionable to the millennial generation. As a consequence of this coaches of all types, online entrepreneurs selling all sorts of products and services, and self-proclaimed “gurus” are running rapid in the online space. Some are authentically successful at it… and some, well not so much…

I like to think, that I started working online before it was the cool thing to do ( or before “I knew” it was the cool thing to do ) and the way that I went about it was fairly simplistic…Apply for work as a freelancer, bid and pitch on many jobs, get hired for a few of them, do the work, bring in a bit of income – rinse and repeat.

During the “rise” of the online entrepreneur “trend” I was working behind the scenes as a one person SEO content mill for a company based in California that specialized in *yawn* geo-targeting for businesses in saturated markets. I have – and I am not joking – written millions of words of copy on every topic imaginable – including, quite literally the kitchen sink. During the 3 years, I spent paying my dues as a search engine copywriter and later consultant/strategist I had my head in the sand and had no idea about what was happening in the “online world” where all of these like, twenty something perfectly branded expert coach-ey people were emerging and trying to establish themselves as internet celebrities. For me, that wasn’t even a thing on my radar – the Kimra Luna’s and Zachary Spuckers of the world didn’t enter into my knowledge bubble until I went out on my own and started to try and carve an identity for myself in the social media space.

When I started publishing content about “how to sell your services online for new freelancers” I was instantly compared, “oh you are like them” – and that’s how they came to be something I knew about –

And although I have nothing but respect for those who have already “made their millions”  ( wish I was them some days ) with programs, packages and the like, I regret to inform you that still isn’t me and frankly, I am still really grassroots in the way that I do things.

Produce content that demonstrates my talents.

Get hired on for a project.

Do the work.

Rinse repeat.

All the while I am building my own tiny little following and creating my own “thing” if you will – I am actually quite skeptical about how “formulaic” it has all become for others, like they are just trying to make themselves EXACTLY like all the others because they “believe” it will make them successful.

What I have noticed is that for every amazing Kimra or Zachary there are dozens of wannabe-preneurs just trying to duplicate the success of these leaders and it frustrates me!

What they are trying to do is “skip a step” of actually becoming good at something before they go out and try to teach others how to do it. Instead, they just buy into this idea of putting “branding before business” and razzle dazzle, before proof of concept and whip up some copycat course on Facebook Ads, Visibility, Personal Marketing & Branding – then sit back and wonder when their product doesn’t sell?

I think the missing mark is that if you assess the success stories others like again, the Kimras of the world – they worked first, HARD – to become good at the thing that they eventually sold to others as a knowledge product. That’s the difference between being a “self-proclaimed expert” and a genuine expert.


I guess what I am trying to say in a roundabout way is when people ask me why I don’t have a virtual product like “a course” for mass sale. Or when I get questioned about why, the approach I take is different than what you will typically see, or what has become conventional my response is really this:


#1: I am still experience building – yes, I do have the knowledge to share but I am not at the level that I feel “I would have to be” in order to mass retail a product like that, nor do I even know if I would want to. Courses right now feel REALLY trendy and I do well just selling consultations and one on ones, it works for me “small scale” – and allows me to continue to do work that I love.


#2: Copying what is working for others and just hoping the formula works for me has never been my style. I personally don’t believe in it. And if you look at how many people actually are successful and how many people are actually “making it” by going that route – Well, the ratio is like 1 in a couple thousand. There are so many of these fakey gurus out there trying to emulate these experts…. my thought, why don’t you put in the work and actually BECOME an expert?


Now I won’t lie to you. I used to think differently – and I wanted everything to happen quickly and I hoped to have lots of money that came in easily ( who doesn’t ) – For me, it was about two years ago the switch flicked and I realized, that it was going to be an exhausting, unrewarding journey to try and be another “emulator” – a person trying to duplicate the success of others and follow a trend that, frankly, isn’t working for the majority.


On the other side of that, I had a simple system that had worked for me so far. Find one person to buy for me, make them a client, do the work, bring in a decent income – grow a real legitimate ( but modest business ) selling my services. Much less dramatic – but certainly more fruitful. What can I say, it turns out I am old school?


I guess if you are brand new ( or someone who just didn’t know this about me ) THIS would be the most important thing that I would like to share.


Every day, I think about what is currently trendy, what appears to be popular and then I compare that directly to what I know and believe works.


Becoming a respected thought leader, as I mentioned in my last challenge post, is certainly an aspiration of mine, for the future.


However, even more than that I aspire to not be lumped in with the masses who are trying to just “skip the steps of doing and learning” and appoint themselves experts, something they just aren’t… not quite yet.


I have strong feelings about this because I think it is damaging and unfortunate to have so many people hustle and grinding at the wrong things. Instead, of going to work, getting good at something – actually DOING IT for awhile before they try to sell their knowledge base to others.


To me proof of concept and strategy is EVERYTHING – and the best possible guinea pig is yourself. You are the most amazing project that you will ever work on. Why follow someone else – thinking by being and acting like them, things will work out for you? It won’t because you aren’t them. So instead, why not just be you, do things your own way and enjoy the process.


I say,


Don’t ever underestimate the value of carving your own path. You can be one in a batch of a million doing the exact same thing as everyone else. Or be one in one, doing it 100% your way, the only of your kind – where the odds of success are much higher because the only person who you are competing with is yourself!




My Vision For The Future – The Ultimate Blog Challenge

My Vision For The Future – The Ultimate Blog Challenge


 SHARING My Vision For The Future And The 3 Philosophies that will get me there!


The third blog post in the Ultimate Blog Challenge, calls for me to write about my vision for the future. “The dream” if you will. For me, the dream and what I consider to be my 5-10 year goal are one in the same. What was that quote pinned up in every elementary school classroom?




“Aim for the moon, even if you miss you’ll land among the stars” ~ W Clement Stone



Cheesy perhaps, but what I have found in my brief 5-year entrepreneurial journey is that it is more or less true. If you set for yourself an extraordinary goal, and consistently work towards it, whether you land on that metaphoric moon or not you’ll still be way further ahead in life, than someone who never pursued anything.


When I first started out “working online” I had a very modest vision and rather meek goals. I simply wanted to make enough money day to day, so that I could justify staying home to raise my son and not have to go work at the mall ( the only job I had previously known was an assistant manager at a teen-targeted retail store ). Not that there is anything wrong with working in a retail position, or having a “normal job” – in fact, on the hardest days I daydream about it. How easy would it be just to stand and smile, fold some sweaters, say yes mam’ no mam’ and count somebody else’s money in the register at the end of the day? Certainly easier, than just trudging along TRYING to get an online business to work. Riding the wavy entrepreneurial roller coaster one day you are on the top of the world, then next day you are at the brink of despair, panic and plausible defeat. The reason my online writing career started at all was because I was struggling in a doldrum depression, after finishing my diploma in Motion Picture Arts Production and finding myself pregnant with my first child, back in my loathsome home town, and feeling as if my life was over. Always a “big dreamer” I had naively believed that I would grow up to be something ( or someone significant ), a creative person with a million ideas a minute – I wanted to put my brain to use in a career that challenged me. Acknowledging the limitations of my small, hometown of Medicine Hat, I realized that in order to have the career I desired I would need to create it myself. That’s where it began, I was a reluctant entrepreneur, I began to pursue creative work online “just to pay the bills”… and that was the original dream, big goal, and nothing else was that far ahead considered. All I wanted was a little bit of money here and there, to pad our bank account ( my husband was the main provider ) and to find some work challenging enough, to keep my creative brain nimble.


It wasn’t until about 2 years into my online writing career that the real vision for the future started to reveal itself – and the dream, once I realized it, was so terrifying that it actually took 4 years before I was able to say it out loud.


I want to be a recognized marketing strategist, I want to have an impact on many people through the work that I do, I would like to travel the world as a keynote speaker – stand in front of a room and tell a story about how I went from anxious wreck to high performing entrepreneur – who built something significant from scratch. I want to inspire other people to pursue their creative dreams and become an advocate for the world where people do what they are passionate about for a living, where they don’t spend 99% of their time despising their 9 to 5 life, then come home, sit on their ass and binge watch Netflix.


That’s really my vision – that’s really my goal – because, for me, the only way I was able to escape the anxiety and depression that ruled my life ( from the age of fourteen onwards ) was to find something “in life” that gave me a superior purpose. The joy ( and esteem ) that comes from waking up every day, and choosing your own adventure – and feeding yourself, providing for your family, doing something that rarely feels like work is incredible. In fact, if there was a way to bottle that and sell it as a pharmaceutical, it would be the most powerful anti-depressant in the world. I firmly believe, without a doubt – that “we” were not meant to despise the majority of our existence, only to collect some pay, that if you are lucky enough – allows you to slightly enjoy the meager amount of time that you actually have personal ownership of.


Now, I know some people who read this will think I’ve just bought into a trend.


It is true, advocation for the freedom lifestyle and the concept of pursuing your passion – are both very “trendy” right now in the Zeitgeist.


I recognize that what I have landed on; a desire to pursue my dreams and encourage others to pursue their dreams is a rather cliche’ vision – and, if you wanna pop my bubble, “this vision” is something that has been done and is being done, at this very moment as we speak.


However, the fact that something has been done ( or is popular ) should not be a deterrent for something that you truly wish to pursue…


You see I feel confident that my story and my voice are unique enough, to differentiate me when the times comes and when I finally get to the level where someone may actually care what I have to say – the way I get there, and what I have to share – will be original enough that “somebody” may just want to listen….


That said, I am not there yet – I am still in the process of aiming but that’s my moon, and frankly, I feel that it is surrounded by many possible stars where I could potentially land on throughout the way.


What gives me the gumption to say this? That my rock star vision is possible – that I could be one of the next big thought-leaders in my industry, that I could possibly take it far enough – what gives me that nerve?



Three things actually – feel free to take this philosophy on as your own.

First of all,

“Money is the consequence of doing something well!”

When I first started out money was what motivated me, just enough money to make the work that I wanted to do, possible to do and justify the fact that I was going to attempt to build something for myself.

BUT, somewhere along the way, I realized that the pursuit of financial gain was not a very fulfilling one, and if your main motivation is monetary, then you will always be willing to compromise yourself for a dollar.

Shortly after, I realized something else. If you are good at something – like, stand back, drop your jaw in awe impressive, people will pay you as such. Therefore, I invested myself in just becoming REALLY just that good!

And guess what, Money comes. It always comes. I work every day – sell when I can. And money comes… as a consequence of being good at what I do. It is no longer the reason I do what I do.

I firmly believe that this “idea” will, in the end, be what allows, me to be successful


“You lose nothing by trying”

I have been laughed at when I tell people “my dream for the future” – but I have been laughed at for many other reasons as well.

Small minds, tend to laugh at things that they can not understand. It isn’t personal.

Being visible online, living in a rather eccentric fashion ( not having a regular job I suppose is eccentric, around here ) and choosing to prioritize my career – has made many aspects of “normal life” impossible. Many people who I used to relate to no longer relate to me. Yes, there are certain sacrifices that you make when you choose to pursue such high aspirations.

What keeps me going though is the truth that, nothing bad will happen to me for having tried.

If things don’t work out I’ll end up somewhere between here and there, and it’ll still be further from the place where I originally set out from. There is absolutely NOTHING WRONG, weird or strange about having amazing dreams!

I have no idea, when it became “okay” to tell people otherwise, to try to push them back into place – and those who do this, are doing it to make themselves more comfortable in their position. It has nothing to do with you, the dreamer.


“Why not me?”

Finally, this simple question – is what allows me to continue on in the direction that I am currently heading with zero shame or modest doubt.

When I say my vision is to be one of those keynote thought leaders, to stand on a stage, share stories about pursuing your passion – work behind the scenes on amazing, impactful projects – and inspire others through my work. It may sound vague and unspecific, but I have hashed every aspect of this out of my vision.

Step one, build a portfolio of experience

Step two, connect with many people 

Step three, develop and share my philosophies on passionpreneurship

Step four, make the right moves business wise that will allow me to rise to the top of my industry

Step five, there it is!

When you break it down it isn’t impossible for me. And if you learn to strategize your own life ( work backward from the goal that you have ) then it isn’t impossible for you.

And the best way to take something distant, and seemingly impossible into the realm of “possible” is just this: understand that SOMEBODY is going to get to do it. SOMEONE is going to get there. That space in the universe that you dream of filling, exists – and why shouldn’t… why couldn’t it be you?

You see, there is this certain plaguing disenchanted in the general population that large dreams ( visions for the future ) are better left for someone else. That we, as people should submit oneself, to something small, easily captured – so that we never suffer the disappoint of failure that could hypothetically ruin our spirits.

What they don’t tell you is that most people’s spirits are ruined the day they gave up on their dreams.

The day they refuse to have any greater vision for themselves, and simply settle for what seems easy and obtainable rather than chase something that seems possibly, impossible – but yet, somehow other people, who are not you, will somehow manage to get there.

I have chosen to live in a world where I am not obstructed by these limiting beliefs. I know, that doing something extraordinary and interesting is a greater challenge, certainly. However, the minute you set out towards that difficult goal you already inches closer to it, than a person who never took a single step outside of the comfort zone because they were afraid of failing. “Pursue fearlessly” rings in my ears, even when I am afraid of my own humongous goals, I whisper to myself, pursue fearlessly!



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Why Have You Started A Blog? – The Ultimate Blog Challenge

Why Have You Started A Blog? – The Ultimate Blog Challenge

An Explaination for My Blog Obession – and A Definitive Argument About Why YOU Should Read My Blog

Writing prompt numero deuce, of the Ultimate Blog Writing Challenge, calls for a post on why I blog. I think I made it pretty clear in my first post that blog writing for me, has become the way that I make an income. Commercial blog writing ( mostly S.E.O ) has been very lucrative and has helped me achieve the much sought after freedom lifestyle. Thanks to my career online as a strategized content writer, I work when I want to, with the people who I want to, and I can bring in a pretty fair income doing it. The only trade off is that I cannot write what I want to – and for me, an anxious minded individual with a million thoughts per second and a knack for spinning word garble on a moments notice, well that is a HUGE sacrifice!

I started blogging as a creative outlet and a way to stretch my writing legs. I wanted to be a writer ( a comedy screenwriter actually ) for as long as I can remember. Before I blogged, I wrote short stories and “screenplays” – in fact, a script I had authored was deemed by my ninth grade drama and English teacher, good enough to be our spring production. It was a satirical comedy, one of those plays within a play, all about the lures of showbiz and the moral sacrifices one must make in order to achieve fame. Looking back, for a fourteen-year-old girl, it was actually quite impressive – and we put it on In the Seven Person’s community hall, there were two productions, attended by our classmates and parents. I cannot help but smile remembering it, this should have been the passion igniting experience that spared me on to pursue a career in professional script writing. However, high school was not easy for me ( I suffered from depression and anxiety throughout ) – and it wasn’t until my third year of college when I transferred into the film production program in Red Deer that my love of fictional storytelling was re-ignited.

However from the age of fourteen, until the end College, I did keep a journal in the form of a blog – and in it, I wrote about all of the things that I was experiencing growth in my adolescent and early adult life. In my previous blog post, I mentioned how I regretfully deleted the entire WordPress database for this blog when a classmate discovered it ( and embarrassed me ) but up until then, I had been keeping a pretty in-depth record of my life ( and my occasionally neurotic thoughts ). Remembering now, some of it was pretty bleak. I had documented my experience with PTSD ( post traumatic stress disorder ) following the suicide of my boyfriend when I was eighteen. I had also written through my diagnosis of depression and anxiety disorder. As well as keeping an in-depth diary of my experiences going through a medical mystery, that later turned out to be some sort of yet to be pinpointed auto-immune condition: I get strange rashes, my hair falls out, my weight yo-yos – my body reacts weirdly to certain foods and medications… ( I am not a hypochondriac ) but goddammit some day I’d love to officially know what is wrong with me…

Either way, this is what blogging used to be to me – and these days ( for the most part ) – it is so far from! I don’t know how else to put it, almost everything that I write now – has an agenda. It has to be strategized to drive web traffic, and optimized for the search engines – it is rare that I get to write freely, purely for the therapeutic release or the joy of it. And, when I coach others on blogging – the advice I give is more focused on how they can use a blog to increase interest in their business, not so that they can enjoy the medium or find their creative voice.

This …feels occasionally like a sacrifice.

I have trained myself to look at it from a perspective of optimism:

Every day, when I wake up I get to do something that I enjoy – and it is my job!

Sure, it is a more “commercial” version of my passion. I’d rather be writing, comedy satire or be a world renown author. However, I am proud of the fact that I took something that I was excited about ( and had a knack for ) and turned it into a method of paying the bills.

And this is what I advocate for…. I wish everyone could be so lucky!

This is why coaching side of my business is all about helping other people do the same thing; Figure out what they are passionate about – turn that into a business model ( something that can be sold online ) and then help them strategize how to market and sell that passion, using a content based strategy.

If we are measuring on a quality life meter, I’ve got a good thing going as a content writer and an “occasional” coach.

And, I suppose to address the question of why I blog, well – I blog so that I can keep doing exactly what I AM doing right now. In various ways shapes and forms, blogging has been the vessel that got me from point A to point B. It continues to be a tool for me and from time to time when the reigns are loosened and time allows – I also still try to blog just for fun!

Now if you are reading – and thinking “that sounds all well and good” but why should I read your blog?

What value is in it for me? Well, if you stick around long enough – you’ll soon see that, what I deliver on my current blog, here anyway, is a combination of advice, tips, and information about getting hired and selling online, with an unfiltered – very honest “open book” look into my life.

You see, my distinguishing characteristic is that I have no stopping point. I am an all or nothing’er – I don’t hold back. And I’ve been sharing my life – so long – that my filter is completely worn out! I give tips and I give me. You will get to know me through my blog and you can learn from me, through my blog. And if the 6 years of experiences that I have had, growing my little online business, overcoming ( or at least learning to manage ) my anxiety med free and transparency about my occasionally unconventional ( but certainly interesting ) lifestyle, has value to you – then that’s what you’ll find here.

To be more guru-esque about it, I blog because I know nothing else…

Blogging is me, I am one with my blog.

Blogs R lyfe.

Bob Lablow’s Law Blog?

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Why I Blog (#i2U Ultimate Blogging Challenge Entry #2)

Introduce Yourself – The Ultimate Blog Challenge

Introduce Yourself – The Ultimate Blog Challenge

Hi, I am Brandie – And I Have Been Writing Blogs Since I Was Fourteen Years Old

It feels weird for me to be writing an introduction post as a new blogger since I have been blogging since I was a teen. In fact, my first ever blog was more of a diary where I shared antidotes from my life and my “deep” adolescent thoughts. I maintained that blog until I went to college in Red Deer and one of my classmates discovered it and I felt embarrassed. In a moment I deleted it permanently. and to this day I regret that decision. I would like to have that blog to look back on now – although, it likely would still embarrass me.

This blog was really the only personal blog that I ever had after that blogging became more about business. When I graduated from college in 2011 ( with my Degree in Motion Picture Arts Production ) I started working online part time as a freelance content writer. Initially, I focused on freelance script-writing because I had my portfolio of scripts from film school and it just seemed to make sense. I also started writing film reviews and other film related articles because at the time I thought it suited my educational background, and I really wanted to put my degree to work.

However, it wasn’t long before I discovered that the real money was in SEO copywriting for commercial websites. An SEO firm who had hired me to write explainer video scripts for a Youtube strategy asked if I blogged also, I said yes and the rest was history. They trained me up and it wasn’t long before I was able to go full time into content writing.

Between 2012 and 2016 I wrote hundreds of SEO commercial blogs. I often joke that I have written blogs about everything, including the kitchen sink. ( One of the regular clients that I wrote for was a plumbing franchise, so yes, quite literally, hundreds of words on sinks and clogs ) –

The knowledge and training that I received as a content writer also allowed me to launch two other projects that revolved around blogging. One was an online bra fitting blog where I reviewed plus sized bras and then later sold them in a small e-commerce store. The other was a “just for fun” local music zine, where I blogged about the music scene here in Medicine Hat and Southern Alberta. Both of these projects were fantastic experiences and provided me with a creative outlet, as I often found SEO writing to be rather mechanical.

Eventually, my work led to consulting gigs, where I trained other people on how to blog for business and develop content strategies for their websites. In 2016 this became the premise for my current business BP Creative Marketing Strategies. I continue to work with people who want to increase their online visibility and market their business online using content and blogs.

As you can see, blogging has been a big part of my life so far! – However, despite this fact it has been awhile since I have blogged for the joy of it – or shared my own story via a blog.

This is partially why I decided to launch The Ultimate Blogging Challenge for my Facebook community. I wanted to inspire others to finally start blogging and give them a framework to do that, but selfishly I also wanted to see if I could re-spark my own passion for the medium.

So here we are, blog number one of the 12 blog challenge that I developed and will be working through with my From Invisible to Unstoppable friends! It is exciting to be writing for myself again and going back to the basics. It feels great to just sit down and write from the heart rather than obsess about the greater strategy. Although, “just writing sincerely” is an excellent blogging strategy when you are just getting started.

What I Wish I’d Known About Blogging Before I Started Blogging…

As an experienced blogger I know I have a bit of a leg up on the newbies who are writing for the first time. So, I guess I’ll wrap this up by sharing some of the pointers that I have learned over the years. ( or should I say the things I wish I would have known when I first started out… )

Writing the content is just the first step, networking and sharing your blog is JUST AS ( if not more ) important. For every post that you write you want to put a good amount of time into networking that post! Take the time to share and promote one post before you write another.

Less is more. I used to get into blogging mode and go blog crazy, publishing tons of posts in a short period of time. If you do this, it is only a matter of time before you get burnt out. Instead, try pacing yourself. Remember quality over quantity. Write one great post at a time, share it – sit on it for a few days. Write again when inspiration strikes. – You also don’t want to overwhelm your readers. Yes, people do want to hear from you… but please, publish in moderation.

“If you want attention give attention!” This applies to a lot of areas of life and online networking. However, when it comes to blogging this is one of the best pieces of advice I can offer. Many people get into the “me! me! me!” depths of blogging, however successful blogging is about having a community. If you would like people to take an interest in your content you need to take an interest in them. Join blogging communities, connect with other writers, make an effort to focus on content sharing and participate fully in the blogging experience. ( leave comments, share other people’s posts etc. ) –

Your blog can be a vessel of opportunity, stick with it. One of my biggest regrets is that I let that first blog ( that I maintained for many years ) go. I have also allowed my bra blog and my music zine to fall to the wayside, partially due to “outgrowing it” and partially because the pace of my life did not leave room for “hobby projects” like those. Both blogs, looking back, provided me with tons of amazing experiences and opportunities ( although they were never profitable financially ).

With the bra blog, I was sent free bras to review ( for over two years I never paid for lingerie ) – and with the music blog, I was able to attend shows, music festivals and even meet performing artists.

Anyways, what I am saying here is that a blog can be a fantastic way to create opportunities for yourself! If you have a blog, and people actually read it – not only can it benefit your business ( or career ) but it can help to improve the overall quality of your life and take you on all sorts of adventures.

Alright, so there you have it, my personal re-introduction to the world of blogging, in well over the suggested 500-word count. One thing you will find about me if you read my blogs is that I am notoriously wordy…. I hope you don’t mind.

Going forward I am excited to lead the way with this challenge and share my passion for blog writing… and maybe, just maybe – it’ll be contagious and others will join in.

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