Why Have You Started A Blog? – The Ultimate Blog Challenge

Why Have You Started A Blog? – The Ultimate Blog Challenge

An Explaination for My Blog Obession – and A Definitive Argument About Why YOU Should Read My Blog

Writing prompt numero deuce, of the Ultimate Blog Writing Challenge, calls for a post on why I blog. I think I made it pretty clear in my first post that blog writing for me, has become the way that I make an income. Commercial blog writing ( mostly S.E.O ) has been very lucrative and has helped me achieve the much sought after freedom lifestyle. Thanks to my career online as a strategized content writer, I work when I want to, with the people who I want to, and I can bring in a pretty fair income doing it. The only trade off is that I cannot write what I want to – and for me, an anxious minded individual with a million thoughts per second and a knack for spinning word garble on a moments notice, well that is a HUGE sacrifice!

I started blogging as a creative outlet and a way to stretch my writing legs. I wanted to be a writer ( a comedy screenwriter actually ) for as long as I can remember. Before I blogged, I wrote short stories and “screenplays” – in fact, a script I had authored was deemed by my ninth grade drama and English teacher, good enough to be our spring production. It was a satirical comedy, one of those plays within a play, all about the lures of showbiz and the moral sacrifices one must make in order to achieve fame. Looking back, for a fourteen-year-old girl, it was actually quite impressive – and we put it on In the Seven Person’s community hall, there were two productions, attended by our classmates and parents. I cannot help but smile remembering it, this should have been the passion igniting experience that spared me on to pursue a career in professional script writing. However, high school was not easy for me ( I suffered from depression and anxiety throughout ) – and it wasn’t until my third year of college when I transferred into the film production program in Red Deer that my love of fictional storytelling was re-ignited.

However from the age of fourteen, until the end College, I did keep a journal in the form of a blog – and in it, I wrote about all of the things that I was experiencing growth in my adolescent and early adult life. In my previous blog post, I mentioned how I regretfully deleted the entire WordPress database for this blog when a classmate discovered it ( and embarrassed me ) but up until then, I had been keeping a pretty in-depth record of my life ( and my occasionally neurotic thoughts ). Remembering now, some of it was pretty bleak. I had documented my experience with PTSD ( post traumatic stress disorder ) following the suicide of my boyfriend when I was eighteen. I had also written through my diagnosis of depression and anxiety disorder. As well as keeping an in-depth diary of my experiences going through a medical mystery, that later turned out to be some sort of yet to be pinpointed auto-immune condition: I get strange rashes, my hair falls out, my weight yo-yos – my body reacts weirdly to certain foods and medications… ( I am not a hypochondriac ) but goddammit some day I’d love to officially know what is wrong with me…

Either way, this is what blogging used to be to me – and these days ( for the most part ) – it is so far from! I don’t know how else to put it, almost everything that I write now – has an agenda. It has to be strategized to drive web traffic, and optimized for the search engines – it is rare that I get to write freely, purely for the therapeutic release or the joy of it. And, when I coach others on blogging – the advice I give is more focused on how they can use a blog to increase interest in their business, not so that they can enjoy the medium or find their creative voice.

This …feels occasionally like a sacrifice.

I have trained myself to look at it from a perspective of optimism:

Every day, when I wake up I get to do something that I enjoy – and it is my job!

Sure, it is a more “commercial” version of my passion. I’d rather be writing, comedy satire or be a world renown author. However, I am proud of the fact that I took something that I was excited about ( and had a knack for ) and turned it into a method of paying the bills.

And this is what I advocate for…. I wish everyone could be so lucky!

This is why coaching side of my business is all about helping other people do the same thing; Figure out what they are passionate about – turn that into a business model ( something that can be sold online ) and then help them strategize how to market and sell that passion, using a content based strategy.

If we are measuring on a quality life meter, I’ve got a good thing going as a content writer and an “occasional” coach.

And, I suppose to address the question of why I blog, well – I blog so that I can keep doing exactly what I AM doing right now. In various ways shapes and forms, blogging has been the vessel that got me from point A to point B. It continues to be a tool for me and from time to time when the reigns are loosened and time allows – I also still try to blog just for fun!

Now if you are reading – and thinking “that sounds all well and good” but why should I read your blog?

What value is in it for me? Well, if you stick around long enough – you’ll soon see that, what I deliver on my current blog, here anyway, is a combination of advice, tips, and information about getting hired and selling online, with an unfiltered – very honest “open book” look into my life.

You see, my distinguishing characteristic is that I have no stopping point. I am an all or nothing’er – I don’t hold back. And I’ve been sharing my life – so long – that my filter is completely worn out! I give tips and I give me. You will get to know me through my blog and you can learn from me, through my blog. And if the 6 years of experiences that I have had, growing my little online business, overcoming ( or at least learning to manage ) my anxiety med free and transparency about my occasionally unconventional ( but certainly interesting ) lifestyle, has value to you – then that’s what you’ll find here.

To be more guru-esque about it, I blog because I know nothing else…

Blogging is me, I am one with my blog.

Blogs R lyfe.

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