I Launched A T-Shirt Shop And You Can Too!

Okay of all my “make money online” adventures this one is probably the most experimental and “let’s just see what happens” of them all. Today – despite the fact I had like 100 better things to do, I launched a t-shirt shop.
What!? How? Did you go out and buy a t-shirt printer? Like how did this go down?

Well, let me explain.

I have been thinking about getting into drop shipping for a while now.
I figured because I do Facebook Ads and I have run several successful campaigns for other drop shippers I may as well get in on the action.
However, I have had to put a pin in this idea for a for a few months because I am currently swamped with new ad clients and the time it would take to choose products and build up the dropshipping store, I just don’t have it.
But, today – while I was googling baby onesies on Pinterest ( and procrastinating on important work ) I saw a basic design for a romper and thought to myself I could do that…
I SHOULD do that.
Two hours later I am mucking around the backend of Spreadshirt and finalizing my designs in Photoshop.
Guys, I clearly have an addiction to creating side hustles.

Anyways – I launched my Spreadshirt T-shirt shop in under 2 hours. And I came up with the designs pretty much on the fly ( making social media-themed T-shirts because that’s my jam ) …
They aren’t very extraordinary but I do think – to the right people they will sell…
And for experiment’s sake, I am willing to drop some Facebook Ads on a few of ’em and see if I can get some movement.

Why did I choose Spreadshirt?

There are other “T-shirt” shops out there that anyone can sign up for and become an instant T-shirt designer. Spreadshirt is by no means unique or special as far as “concept” goes. However, I did do some quick research and I discovered that Spreadshirt has one of the best commission models for their designers, so that’s a plus one. Plus two is that I have ACTUALLY made t-shirt purchases from Spreadshirt in the past myself. So, I am already familiar with the quality of the shirts and I know that they don’t ship out trash. This is very important to me if I am going to endorse any online business that sells physical products. Spreadshirt uses a variety of different T-shirt suppliers ( shirts that they print on ) so you can choose what brand and what quality of T-shirt you want to put up in your shop.

For my shop, I put in a variety of premium quality shirts.

The third reason why I went with Spreadshirt, frankly – is because it has the most user-friendly interface. One minute I was doing my research, the next minute I am clicking around building my shop. It was SO EASY… almost a little too easy * looks around suspiciously*…


Anyways so now I am a T-shirt Designer / T-shirt Shop Owner as well.
You can check out some of my designs >> here! <<
I get 20% the commission on the T-shirts that I sell – so don’t be shy, buy, buy, buy!
( That was lame, I know )

Btw, I have already made my first sale.
To myself.
I just spent $50 in my own shop …
And yes, I am already very happy with my purchases.