Omg, she’s blogging AGAIN. Starting and abandoning blog projects is pretty much a signature behavior of mine. Since the age of 13, I have likely had over a dozen blogs that I have created, worked on for a while and somehow lost track of. I owe my incessant need to create blogs for my career in the content marketing industry. It was, in fact, the question “do you blog?” that landing me my first longterm content writing gig for an S.E.O company back in 2012.

So much has happened since then. I’ve started three online businesses! Built my Facebook and Instagram following to over 10K AND been able to help my husband leave his 9 to 5 job!
I did this all while chasing after one…  and now two busy little boys!

What now is THIS blog going to be about? Currently – I am writing about Instagram Marketing and Instagram Growth Hacking, the content promotion tool Tailwind. and my life as a second time new mom an online business owner.

What will this blog become? I don’t know… but I guess that’s half the fun of it!