Hey guys welcome back! So I guess it is time ( long overdue time ) to update the about section of this blog / website – and update you all on what I have been working on.

Let us begin with a question: What is a Brandie Peters?

Well, professionally ( meaning, how I make my money and support my self ) I am a social media marketing consultant – currently I am focusing all of my energy on Instagram and establishing my self as an Instagram expert, after growing my own Instagram following to 13K in under a year.

Lifewise, I would call my self an entrepreneur, I have been working on building online micro-businesses selling my self as a “service” online for over 6 years now. My Facebook Ads business www.growthhackads.com is my most successful venture. I am now happy to say it is 100% self sustaining so I don’t need to babysit it and can focus my energy on other projects that better serve my interests. For those who are curious, Growthhackads.com is a Facebook Ads “on demand” service that connects small/ mid-sized and new business owners with expert Facebook Ad help. My other current entrepreneurial venture is this Brandie Growth Hacker Peters personal brand – where I suppose I am some sort of “public figure” / “influencer” ( *gag* ) and what I do primarily; is help awesome people learn how to market and sell their services using content and social media; primarily micro-funnels utilizing Instagram…stay with me:

To put it briefly: I am a consultant / coach – who works with a select group of elite super-humans, who want to use Instagram as a vessel to obtain power and take over the world. ( Too much of an over sell.. maybe… maybe… ) [ click here to apply to work with me ]

And if those last two paragraphs did not bore you to death or scare you away- other components of the “Brandie Peters” concoction would be; a mother *( two kids 6 years old and 9 month ages subject to change on short notice ), 1 part wifey badger, also fluffy-husky owner ( Yes, yes she does shed a lot, thanks for asking ) (( Why do entrepreneurs always mention their pets in their bios, I guess it makes us more #relatable #keepingitreal whatever; )) one part; proud owner of the standard rights-of-passage 20-something regretful tatoos ie: an ex-boyfriends initials ( yah she did ), 1 – full back piece, and a Pokemon ball tattoo on my left foot. AND yes; I am also into the important millennial cliche’ things personal development, achieving that coveted “freedom lifestyle”, passive income and new-agey spiritualism.

I am also particularly passionate about random internet fodder and memes’ – lots of memes. Memes for days please. Did you say you’ve gots memes for me?

My mental health superpowers include: overthinking everything ( so yah, I did overthink the content of this bio and re-compose it multiple times questioning whether or not my too muchness, is really much too muchness- how’d I do? ) – and managing my crippling social anxiety just enough; to moonlight as an attention whore on the internet. I’d tell you more about my many plights; but I am saving those for my inevitable TedX talk.

You can follow up with my shameless try-hard self in the following places:

www.instagram.com/brandiepeters_/ ( primary account )
www.instagram.com/brandiesauce/ (secondary account, weight loss niche’ )
www.facebook.com/brandiemichellepeters/ ( friend me )
www.facebook.com/brandiest/ ( follow me )
www.twitter.com/brandiepeters_/ ( i don’t post much forgive me I am a recovering twitter addict )
www.brandiepeters.com/social-media-marketing-consultant/ ( work with me )

If you would like to Learn From Me ( Yah you do ) feel free to enjoy any of the following resources.

Instagram Growth Hack Guide ( 5 Instagram Growth HackinG Strategies That You Have Not Heard Before )

Instagram 5 Day Marketing Strategy Challenge ( Get your Sh!t in order to capture leads on Instagram )

Hang Out? Join My Facebook Group: Sweatpants Society: Working From Home and Getting Sh!t Done

I hope you enjoyed your time at shameless self-elevating Linkstock 2000, please come again next year.
Sincerely, Brandie Peters

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