(  10  ) Things You Should Be Doing More of on Instagram If You Want Your Results From Your Efforts Marketing on Instagram 

Hey guys, the title here is pretty self-explanatory, and we have a lot to go through so let’s just get started!

1.) Comments

If you don’t ever scroll your own timeline and leave comments on your follower’s posts then today is the day to start. Leaving a comment on someone else’s feed ( especially if they don’t get a lot of comments ) will get them to check out your profile. Like “hey who left that comment” and therefore lead to more visits to your profile! Plus if you comment on there’s they’ll probably comment on yours, because Instagram is really socially reciprocal like that.

2.) Post Stories

A lot of us “older” Instagram users have a hard time utilizing stories because, it is a new feature and not quite “our jam” / but ignoring the stories function completely will cost you reach SO, no matter how you feel about it, it is a good idea to start posting a story at least once in a while.

3.) Look at your profile Insights

The insights on your Instagram business profile are going to give you the reality check that you need to improve your Instagram. Pay close attention to the actual reach of your profile; reach & impressions: “who out of your following” are actually seeing what you post and the demographic details; age, sex, location, etc. so you know what is going on with your account.

4.) Look at your post Insights

Instagram also gives you insights on each of your posts. Pay attention to how much reach certain posts gets ( expect less than 10% of your audience to see what you post on average ) and what actions were taken from the post: profile views, shares, and bookmarks.

5.) Share More

Instagram is a social network, and therefore the sharing and networking of content is a huge part of what the platform is about. Save your self some grief, and participate as an active member on the platform by sharing posts from other people/profiles. Your account does not have to be all about you. Hint: Click that little paper airplane looking button to instantly share posts from other profiles to your stories. |

6.) Send Messages

Let’s not forget about the messaging features within Instagram! You can make some meaningful connections by sending messages to people who regularly engage in your posts. ( Should you auto-DM? I say HARD NO. People hate auto DMs but like genuine and authentic messages! so try that instead: quality interactions over quantity interactions )

7.) Optimize your profile for lead capture

WHY HAVE YOU NOT DONE THIS YET?  On Instagram your “link in profile” should be where you stick you lead capture ( example: email list opt-in for freebie ) so that you can take your most curious people from follower to self-qualified lead ( they are on your now list for re-marketing ) – Frankly if you don’t have any lead capture in place, you will never know if your efforts on Instagram are actually doing anything so it will be hard to judge if you are being successful or not.

8.) Create Highlights that are “high value”

Using the stories feature and then the highlight story feature you can create intricate stories that cover all the important details about you and your business. That way when someone visits the main profile view they can see everything they need to know presented to you in a story. ( Having a hard time wrapping your head around this? Think of your stories as tabs on your website: about me, free resources, my services, blog, etc. )

9.) Surf Relevant Hashtags

If you aren’t actually clicking the hashtags you are using NOW IS THE TIME TO START.  Click ‘em, scroll ‘em, and repeat. The goal is to create a visible presence on the hashtags that relate your profile niche.

10.) NICHE so hard…

If you have not yet given your Instagram profile “a life purpose” today is the day to declare it and stick with it; for a measurable period of time. Decide what the topic of your Instagram is and post on the topic for a period of time. A lot of people lose “followers” because they don’t post on topic or post what the follower believed they signed up for. Instagram thrives on niche’s, so ditch the “public figure” “personal Instagram” strategy and choose a topic that relates to what you do/ sell. Do not stray from that niche. If you have other topics or areas you want to cover, create another Instagram profile for that topic.

11.) Bonus: Budget for Ads

Surprise surprise, Instagram ( a.k.a Facebook ) has an algorithm, and that algorithm can be very tight for people who have swapped over to business profiles. However, if you want to put some rocket fuel into your gram game, consider getting serious about building custom audiences and using ads to reach them. Instagram ads ( when used strategically ) can really work magic and help you achieve your marketing goals.

Hope this helps you win at Instagram in 2019!!!

~ Brandie

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